Yugioh augmented reality fan game demo for HoloLens

Yugioh augmented reality fan game demo for HoloLens

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  • Wait a minute, did you just summon three Blue Eyes in one turn?

  • Why is Blue Eyes White Dragon’s attack just a headbutt?

  • I hate this because of how quickly I would get back into that damned game.

  • I guess the biggest challenge would be make 3d models for each card while there being more than 7000 cards

  • Man, if I wasn’t at work, I’d be able to watch this shit and feel the nostalgic hype again

  • Hi duelists! My friend and I made a fan game for multiplayer Yugioh duels in AR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Zvi2MyXIOk

  • I would pay full price for this game. I’ve always wanted something like this. Great job on making Yu Gi Oh come to life.

  • Does it explain what Pot of Greed does?

  • Is that Dolores Park?

  • This would go well with some McDonald

  • This is the future of all card games right here.

  • Where was this when I was a kid?

  • wow this shit would take forever I if you have to watch ur monsters attack like that everytime

  • Yes! This is what I’ve always wanted!

  • blue eyes white giraffe uses headbutt

  • If only the Hololens wasn’t so expensive then I would totally be all over this

  • Considering it’s a fan made game, gotta give you props. Looks dam good.

  • of course this happened at Dolores park

  • But can I use my Giant Soldier of Stone to attack the moon?

  • It looks like you can’t walk ten feet in that park without tripping over someone. Is this what life is like in California?

  • Ayeeee shout out to all the bay kids who know this park

  • This would be awesome at BBQs.

  • Where was this back when I was 10 and had all my cards?

  • how r u not getting sued by konami lol dont they own the rights to this

  • With no monsters left on the AR field, I summon Dark Magician and declare direct attack.

  • That would make card wars (the one in the episode) actually possible. (The game doesn’t seem too interesting, so this might make it pretty cool tbh).

  • that row of houses is straight outta full house.

  • I’m all for this. It gets people outside!

  • think maybe they could have picked a less crowded park?

  • Does the Hololens still have a small angle of view? Like it’s more like looking through a small rectangle in front of you?

  • What a time to be alive! This is so amazing. Actually wana go watch me some old Yugioh now.

  • Animation is too slow

  • Maaaaan. Can’t wait for this to not look like shit.

  • is it a demo? or is it an edited video mock up of what it could look like?

    Also, you really shouldn’t bother. Konami shuts things like this down pretty quickly once they show any kind of popularity.

  • ^th… ^this ^is ^everything ^I’ve ^ever ^wanted…

  • This was my exact childhood dream.

  • As a former fan of the show this is equally amazing and also slightly disappointing

  • Do Beyblade next.

  • Wow that is pretty dope.

  • This is bullshit. The hololens only has a 30% viewing perspective in the initial versions, I think now it may be up to 50%. It would look absolutely nothing like that in reality. I’ve used various version of the hololens for work, and I wasn’t impressed because your viewing frame for augmentation is such a tiny window. When you look away from the window, all the content disappears.

  • I’m so glad this will be a thing!

  • How about this but for Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon TCG. Yugioh is fun but it’s probably the worst balanced of the major card games. Especially when cards like [Relinquished](http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Relinquished) exist. And that isn’t even it’s final form. It turns into [Thousand Eyes Restrict](http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Thousand-Eyes_Restrict)

  • Is this real? As in, can I use this?


  • Nothing like playing Yu-Gi-Oh AR on a $3,000 developer edition headset that’s not currently released for consumer purchase.

    Any news on when they might be and what the consumer price is? Or are they holding out for HoloLens 2 maybe?

  • San Francisco? San Francisco.

  • Even once they’re actually outside, these cellar dwellers still revert back to their shitty games… Jesus at least use the tech for a better game


  • Don’t fuck with me! I have the power of god and anime on my side!

  • That’s nice and all but you’re just gonna get OTK by some trickstar lycoris using asshole.

  • Incredible. Really. But it looks like that no rules are implemented, you have to say everything, you can see a blue eyes getting summoned with no tributes. Give it a year and it may become fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  • Non-interactive, pre-scripted, same actions every time. This is a CGI advertisement, not actual gameplay.

    Seriously people, E3 does this to us every year. Super shiny pre-rendered cinematic. Horribly disappointing reality.

    We’re a good 3-5 years away from functional AR games. The foundations are starting to be laid, which means any finished product you see online is a fucking hoax, an attempt to garner funds, or both.

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