YSK Consumers have the right to free copies of their credit reports from the three major credit reporting agencies every...

Consumers have the right to free copies of their credit reports from the three major credit reporting agencies every 12 months. Reports may be requested by phone or mail and at http://www.annualcreditreport.com.

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  • Every four months get a report , don’t get all three at once.

  • These free reports include all activity, but not your FICO score.

    Also worth noting, if any lender pulls your credit you have the right to request a copy of whatever they reviewed.

  • YSK Credit Karma will give you the same thing for free an unlimited amount of times.

  • Probably too late to be seen. But Lexis Nexis provides full file disclosure which provides auto insurance records, real estate transaction history, professional license information and historical address/contact info. You can request a copy here https://personalreports.lexisnexis.com/access_your_full_file_disclosure.jsp

    My report was 30 pages, half of which were disclosures regarding your rights and how to correct inaccurate information.

    The request has to be mailed in and is like to once a year.

  • I am constantly amazed that there isn’t more outrage at credit reporting companies. It’s a total fucking shakedown. Start a private company, collect sensitive personal information about people, attach a ‘score’ to that information, charge them to access that information (with a VERY strong hint of ‘if you pay us, your score will improve).

    And then people just engage with it like it’s a fun game and brag about their fucking scores like they just got a gold star from teacher!

    This shit should either be illegal or free and heavily overseen/regulated.

  • Is there a reason why one of the three (can’t remember which) always asks personal questions with no answers that relate to me? The other two can verify who I am, but one of them can never verify me.

  • If you use Mint, you can see your credit score from Equifax for free every month. They won’t give you a full report, but you can see how you are doing.

  • Yeah until you go to get it from their website and all three give you an error report and tell you to call.

  • I tried this once and at least for one of them you have to provide a credit card and have to cancel within a month to prevent yourself from getting monthly charges. I think it was trans Union. I called and they refused to take off the charges so I told my credit card company the situation and they refunded me. So it is really useful, I utilize Credit karma even though it only has two of them. Getting an app or report every couple years can make you aware of bills you didn’t even know of. One of my friends found a charge for an emergency room visit four years ago that she forgot about, but credit karma knew…. They know all!!!!

  • How do you get it for free? They always charge me 20$ or something

  • no time to read the comments here, but I have a barclays card and it gives me the experia score in the app. I think it’s maybe free to get that anytime now anyway bit Idk. resets every couple of months and as someone going from terrible debt, defaulted car insurance and many missed payments to slowly paying it all off it’s damn good to see.

    I’ve gone from 461 to 811 since last October. what a feeling.

    also I’ve just realised barclays might not operate in the USA but it might be worth checking if your card people let you do it on their app.

  • I think it’s 6 months now

  • I am a fucking idiot because I bought a credit report. *slams head on desk*

  • What should I be checking when I do get my reports?

  • I work in the fraud department of a bank and we make calls to people who we assume are victims of identity theft (fraudulent applications). Yes, while it is scary, we do need your social security number to report it to the credit bureaus. We can not release a social security number to you due to the event that it is a clerical error OR you are claiming to be someone else. I advise people who are suspicious of us to review their credit report, because most of the time we are not the only recent inquiry. I feel for those people who absolutely refuse to provide us information because it is just going to stay on their credit report, and then look even worse when it goes into collections.

  • New to this planet? Let me show you around….

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