You’ve reached top normie when…

You’ve reached top normie when…

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  • #Upvote this comment if this is a **DANK MEME**. Downvote this comment if this is a **NORMIE MEME**.

  • fuck it. at this point we need to create a new name for “dank memes”. this is disgusting

  • God left

  • We need to shut down Sony Animation

  • This has to be satire

  • “recent anticipated success of the Emoji Movie”

  • Does Sony hate the internet or something?

  • a movie about rage faces, only 13 years too late

  • Every meme pictured died years ago

  • Someone get me an AR-15 and the Sony Animations director.

  • Does this require a meme war? We need to slaughter all of the normies, the women and the children too.

  • Getting 6% on rotten tomatoes = success

  • It’s fake thank fuck

  • And my peers say Sony is better than Microsoft

  • This is a movie is a joke right…

  • This has to be fake

  • But dat boi (to spell it correctly) died almost a year ago

  • Sauce or it isn’t real pal

  • nooo.. please don’t be a real thing.. please

  • Link? Or did you photoshop this I cant tell.

  • Roses are red
    Keep your distance

    Hidden inside a smartphone, the bustling city of Textopolis is home to all emojis. Each emoji has only one facial expression, except for Gene, an exuberant emoji with multiple expressions. Determined to become “normal” like the other emojis, Gene enlists the help of his best friend Hi-5 and a notorious code breaker called Jailbreak. During their travels through the other apps, the three emojis discover a great danger that could threaten their phone’s very existence.

  • This will be the end of memes as we know it.

    2020: memes end.

  • Someone make a “map of america for north korea” that shows sony pictures’ hq as usa

  • Race war now.

  • I just want to learn the history of my 🅱️oi cuckhold cat

  • Success and emoji movie don’t belong in the same sentence

  • Somebody tell me this isn’t actually real or I’m giving up on humanity.

  • when did cat memes die, 10 years ago? doggo memes are where it’s at, but they’ll certainly be dead before 2020

  • Rage comics never were dank, they were before dank memes, they were only memes, there was no difference between normies and memelords. But when the universe cooled, the two separated from one another and gave rise to the normies and memelords.

    Stay woke

  • “Starring Robbie Rotten”

  • Those memes will have been dead 10 years by the time that movie is released

  • It says anticipated success but it got 5% on rotten tomatoes

  • That had better not be real. This is where I draw the mother fucking line on modern animated film. I wanna kill myself so bad and convert to Hinduism where I can reincarnate into a person from before 2000 where animated movies were still good.

  • Sony Animation is like an endless stream of shit that never stops

  • “Anticipated success of the emoji movie”


  • > crirics have lambasted the film as soulless and idiotic.

    The world is saved, bois.

  • Sony thrives off cringe now

  • Dat boy. Boy. Y.
    They really are fucking normies.

  • >anticipated success

    >Emoji Movie

    What? Do they live under a rock? How could someone still believe in the success of this?

  • What the fuck. These fat fucking normies are using these disgusting 2010 memes in a fucking movie. We need to spam Sony picture’s emails with complaints because I’m not letting this shit get released

  • The thought of this is so scary that i had to chek if it was true

  • Dammit Sony. Stop.

  • first of all, its gonna be really lame and corny (despite the animation probably being top notch)

    second: by the time this comes out theyre going to be late by 8 years

  • Oh No

  • Dear god.

  • Please let this be the onion

  • Ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Please tell me this is fake

  • FUCK MY ASS if this is real.

  • This is 100% fake

  • Today, old friend.

  • 10 years late

  • Fuck it. Launch the missiles

  • hahhhaa The Minecraft movie come out earlier

  • And I thought the emoji movie was bad

  • [removed]

  • Please dont tell me its true


  • [removed]

  • looks like fake news

  • i thought it was real for a sec there. got a small heart attack

  • No fucking way i am out of this bitch

  • Photoshop. Look where it’s talking about being soulless. It’s from the Emoji movie.

  • OP please tell me this is fake

  • what next? are they going to make the internet movie?

  • F

  • I don’t think this is real because the name “Cuckold Cat”.

  • If I don’t kill myself by the time this comes out, I shall watch it just to reeee at the screen for the entire time it plays.

  • I wonder how the front page of 9gag is reacting to this.

  • What these normies don’t understand is that memes do die. And they will all be even more dead by 2020. And so help me God, if they use the word “dank” during the movie, I will literally hang myself in the theater.

  • I almost drowned in the ocean the other day. I suddenly regret that my friends rescued me..

  • May God help us

  • ‘Anticipated success of the Emoji Movie’

  • I have abandoned all hope. I’m moving to the Andromeda galaxy.

  • I actually want this.

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