You can’t advance in your SINGLE PLAYER career if Gran Turismo’s servers go offline… I want my money back.

You can’t advance in your SINGLE PLAYER career if Gran Turismo’s servers go offline… I want my money back.

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  • My game crashed because it lost connection and then was trying to reconnect until it all went dark and never returned, only the music remained. Fair enough if I was actually playing online but I was playing through the single player missions – this should not be a thing.

  • What a load of bullshit. I get they want an online connection and all that shit but limiting you to arcade mode? Seriously?

    It should just save locally and then sync with the servers once they’re back up.

    I remember when Microsoft tried this shit leading up to the Xbox One release, and Sony capitalised on their fuck up with those videos making fun of them.

    You’d think they’d try to avoid the same fuck-up with one of their first party developers.

  • Welp. Guess I’m never buying this.

  • Gran turismo has been my favourite game and had been the reason I have stuck with Playstation since the original ps came out. I have bought every version of the console and now play on a pro, and have had and completed every gran turismo game.
    I am so sad to hear this. The Internet where I live (in the bush) is terrible and patchy at best, forcing me to play only single player offline games. Luckily some developers still make great games with great stories, but I am so disappointed to hear this.
    I’m just glad I found out before I bought it.

  • get a refund

  • One time a while back I bought Mercenaries 2 for Xbox 360 because I really really liked mercenaries 1 for PS2.

    Turned out the games servers had been taken down and even the single player game would crash every time.

    After a Google search said the game was dead and in fact even the single player didn’t work I returned it to gamestop and asked them why they would sell a game to me that didn’t have functional multiplayer or singleplayer

  • This means in about three years when they turn the servers off, we’ll never be able to play this game again.

  • Worst part of this from my perspective, when we were Iraq we wouldn’t be able to use these games doing our downtime. Just assuming everyone has internet all the time is crappy

  • r/assholedesign

  • I think steam needs a info box which states if a game needs an always on net connection or not, even for a single player campaign…

  • Thx, won’t be glancing at GT for a racing game now

  • Get project cars my dude

  • Man, that really grinds my gears.

  • This is depressing

  • Refund if you can and stop supporting those that do this crap, the reason companies keep pulling this nonsense is because people keep buying their products, send a message, vote with your wallet, spend your money elsewhere, there are other racing games that are just as good that don’t have silly requirements such as Project Cars and Assetto Corsa.

  • So it’s basically a rental. Once the servers go offline your rental ends. Yet I can go back and play all the old GT games still from decades ago.

  • Love Gran Turismo but hate the fact that it’s always been so user-unfriendly.

    Horrible menu layouts that end up putting you through loading screen after loading screen. Want to tweak controller settings? Pause game, exit race, exit race setup screen, exit track selector, exit car selector, load main menu, go to options. And backwards and forwards like that.

    Want to race with your cars full potential? Oh hold on you need to change the oil. More menu hopping and loading screens to watch some crappy animation of some fat guy drink all the oil out of the sump and then seemingly vomit it all back in through the drain hole. I mean really? Can’t we just change it from the race menu?

    Have 1000 cars, all beautifully crafted examples of the real world cars you’d love to drive but will never get the chance. Well guess what? You’ll never get to drive them in the game either unless you spend your entire life playing to earn the credits to buy them.

    I saw this server requirement on the open beta and was not surprised at all.

  • This has been known for a while, in some sense. Developer Polyphony Digital has always pitched Gran Turismo Sport as an online-focused game because of its integration with the International Automobile Federation (FIA). You can earn an FIA-recognized driving license in the game, which means you can obtain a digital license in Gran Turismo Sport that you can use to drive race cars in real life. In addition, the game offers an online championship endorsed by FIA, so it uses cloud saves to maintain the integrity of the esports competition.

    Gran Turismo Sport publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment said last month that the game “will require an internet connection for the majority of functionality.” To be clear, that doesn’t mean you need a PlayStation Plus subscription just to play — that’s only necessary for online multiplayer. But Sony said at the time that offline functionality would be limited to “portions of the Arcade Mode,” including “limited two-player split screen, single-player races on select tracks, and time trials.”

    From an article

  • Diablo 3 for the PC thinks this is adorable.

  • i was actually on the fence about buying this game lol… i fucking hate games that are doing this.

  • Damn I was really looking forward to a new gran turismo for years, having played the series since the beginning. Looks like this one will be the first one I don’t buy

  • This is why I bought Forza

  • Whilst I enjoy it enough to justify purchase it would have been much better if they improved online racing like they have without ripping out the core part of the gaming being career/single player mode.

  • People laugh when I say there’s nothing better than playing a SNES cartridge..

    Now it’s my turn to laugh.

  • I’ve waited years for this game, first I find out there are only like 20 cars, no special condition courses, day/night cycle or weather effects. Now this. Fuck you and fuck off PD. Signed, a fan from the GT1 days.

  • Let me tell you a tale about a little-known game called Diablo III…

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