• Marketed as the “I forgot I own a boxer and this won’t do anything” fence.

  • I like how mid air he looks surprised that he is in the air still, like maybe i overdid this??

  • Very impressive display of barkour.

  • [Staying at home on a Saturday](http://i.imgur.com/r6s9hHO.gifv)

  • Not that the jump isn’t impressive, the mid-air feet tap just takes it to a whole other level.

    All hail the Doggo Jackson!

  • The heal click really makes the gif.

  • *mario jump sound

  • Those boxers are such freewill assholes.

  • That dog looks like a kickboxer…

  • My shepherd would have just ran through it

  • Must be part kangaroo, I’m sure.
    Source: I have a dog and I know these things

  • The dog gate supplier probably sells a non-slip landing pad as an accessory.

  • I agree. I tried briefs for a while, but found them to be stifling.

  • Boxers are amazing!

  • Lol this reminds me of me during my dog days

  • Me, Friday at 4PM, beer in hand: “Screw you guys, I’m going home”.

    Guys, Monday at 9AM with HR: “Welcome back, sucks”

  • The great dogscape

  • Geeze that was high. Good thing he kept his feet under him when landing

  • Sure must be nice to not have to work weekends 🙁

  • This guy will have hip issues if that continues.

  • BOXER!!!!!!

  • Watching this made my knees hurt.

  • What happens when you forget you’re not a cat.

  • I remember this scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming!

  • Apparently my daughter has already seen this so, I no longer think it’s really all that funny.

  • current U.S border like..

  • Yay relatable facebook bullshit

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