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Now you might think: passed the oral exam in the Abitur – problem solved. Interestingly, these fears accompany many people well into adulthood. It’s important to do something about it. You will be confronted with a similar situation again and again in a wide variety of contexts:

The oral exam is always about convincing the other person and Buy Assignment Online. At school, during training or at university, the examiner still focuses on whether you can recognize the connections between your exam topics and present them fluently.

During the oral examination at the university, you prove that you have mastered a scientific approach and that you can classify and evaluate the examiner’s questions in specific contexts. To do this, you must have developed an understanding of the big picture, which you also need for speeches, speeches or presentations.

Exam situations strengthen for later professional life

Likewise, you can not conduct a negotiation if you do not know what is at stake or what the end result is. In all of these situations, you are under observation to a certain extent, your counterpart tries to assess you: does he know what he is talking about? Or does it collapse the first time you probe?

Therefore, it is not only about factual knowledge, but your appearance as a whole. Mastering such situations is important for your personal advancement, because it underpins your competence . This gives you a different status for similar areas in the future – be it because of verifiable qualifications or because you exude the appropriate self-confidence .

Is it enough to learn the content by heart?

The closer the oral exam gets, the greater the pressure to somehow get all the important information in your head. The hoped-for silver bullet of many learners: classic learning by heart. The basic idea is of course clear: the more of the relevant material you have retained, the better you will do in the oral exam. Sounds logical, but is it actually enough to memorize the content of the subject?

On the one hand, it is always helpful to deal extensively with a topic. The more you read, the more you understand the connections and feel more secure in the subject over time. This takes away the nervousness because you will have the impression that you can answer most questions adequately and write me a essay.

On the other hand, you must present your own knowledge in the oral examination and be able to put it into your own words. Tips: In order to really prepare effectively for the oral exam, you should freely present what you know on a certain topic to your friends or family. If these people – preferably without prior knowledge – can understand what you are explaining to them, it is a good sign that you can present your knowledge really convincingly.

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