[WP] “When humans die, they become ghosts who are given a random newborn to possess. They are not able to interact in the lives of this child and must watch in third person like a movie as they grow up. You’ve figured out how to interact in the life of you human after 25 years of watching.”

[WP] “When humans die, they become ghosts who are given a random newborn to possess. They are not able to interact in the lives of this child and must watch in third person like a movie as they grow up. You’ve figured out how to interact in the life of you human after 25 years of watching.”

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  • I’m finally free, nobody can really say anything about who’s still stuck because they’re hidden in a person’s mind. That voice in your head that either tells you to do bad or good, the one that sings songs you don’t like, the negative or positive thoughts in the back of your head… they’re a random person… someone who’s a “backseat driver” to your life. Sometimes they can influence you more than others and it’s odd when you get put in a different body.

    I used to be a guy, an ugly, boring, going nowhere guy. But I didn’t want to do anything about it… in the negative of positive way, meaning I didn’t want to do much to improve myself and I didn’t want to end it either. Though I knew I’d embrace death when it came, and it luckily happened fast and… well not painless but it ended fast. I was walking to Burger King when I was hit by a semi, it hurt like hell but as I laid there broken and in pain I died. The light was there… but it was a room with doctors, I was small so I thought I was reborn but I couldn’t move. I could still feel everything but I couldn’t move, once I heard them say “it’s a girl” I was even more confused.

    For years I had to be a backseat driver, the good news was I could influence her music taste and other likes by leaking thoughts into her head. I got her to like all the same music I liked, she was happier than me though. When she was in high school I had to deal with her liking guys… I didn’t like feeling the kissing or gropings that’d happen. While in senior year she dated a guy who seemed nice but made her focus on him and move in with him after high school. He was controlling and one day he started beating her, he [grabbed her](https://thetvninja.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/picture-165.png) and told her if she kept acting up he’d make her pay.

    For months I told her to do something but she was too weak… I didn’t blame her too much since she just wasn’t the violent type. But every bruise and scar I’d feel, every night she cried holding a bruised rib or an arm with a horrible bruise in the shape of a hand. She became withdrawn and would go out at night in [hoodies](https://teamtsd.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/sally-being-human.png) to avoid seeing people or people seeing her, she became broken. One night it got too far and he threw her down some steps, I felt her ribs and every step hit her and finally her head hit the bottom of the stairs. All her and I could do was [lay there staring at the ceiling](http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/27900000/Sally-Wallpaper-sally-malik-27982077-1920-1080.jpg) and feeling the blood go around her head and fill the cracked tile, we closed our eyes for what felt like the last time.

    When I woke up I was in a hospital, while staring at the ceiling I assumed I was a baby again but I felt a breathing tube in my throat and needles in my arm. I thought maybe the last twenty five years were a coma dream but I looked at my arm and it was her darker feminine one. Once I felt around I realized I was her… but I could move, I tried to talk to her or hear her thoughts but I heard nothing from her. When I saw the guy walk in with flowers I glared at him and he was shocked I was awake. After a few days I was able to leave and I got on my clothes, he tried to bring me some but I wore the clothes I came there in. He threatened me but I told him to go ahead and hit me since I was probably weak enough to die now then when he backed away I told him to go fuck himself and walked past him.

    While I was walking he followed me and I ran to lose him, I found a closet and [stayed there](http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/33200000/Sally-sally-malik-33292823-500-281.jpg) until a nurse came in. She had cared for me during the week I was apparently in a coma, medicine had gotten better in time… I was reborn on the same date as before but it’s not like she could find me. She was in Boston and I was somewhere else, plus I couldn’t control her. Anyway the nurse asked if I was being beaten by the guy and I started to tear up a little and told her everything about him, it also made me mad the same time.

    Afterwards I headed to her home after the nurse informed police about him, while I was getting her stuff he tried to hold me against the wall so I [hit him](http://www.allgeektome.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Being_Human_Sally_punches_Danny.gif) and started yelling at him, after a few kicks he was on the ground holding his side. I called the police and showed them my neck which had a few bruises on it already, they arrested him and I decided just to stay there… it was in her name too so I owned it. Luckily her phone and game systems were the same as mine because of my suggestions. The next day I woke up and took a shower… it wasn’t too different from life before I could control the body. From my backseat driving I was able to do everything she did, like put on make up on her neck to hide the slight bruising.

    While I looked in the mirror I looked at her ribs which were still sore and bruised, I was just happy I finally broke the asshole guy’s nose and probably made his ribs look the same as mine. After I was done in the bathroom I got dressed and [sat on the edge of the bed](https://68.media.tumblr.com/11573c4e94e1d0172b4de5da9703da38/tumblr_n1xf8vVIsQ1r6r4deo1_500.png) wondering what I was gonna do. Her boyfriend made it so she didn’t have a job but her name was on the house, I decided I’d look myself up and then look for a job as a waitress or something. I knew her parents would accept her if she was a lesbian and I still had my attraction to women so I decided I’d tell them I liked women… those years of her sleeping with guys were the worst until I learned to go into my own place and ignore her body’s nerves and what she was seeing. I had a plan so I looked myself up online to confirm I was dead and my old body was dead, then I called her parents while looking online for bars/restaurants that were hiring.

    Her parents took it how I thought they would and asked why I waited so long to tell them. I made something up but added in the truth that she was stuck with an abusive guy, they were proud about what I did to him. I called places to apply and they told me to come in the next day to meet the manager. After a few hours I was done with all the calls so I [sat in the kitchen](https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMTUzODI1NzM5Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDc4MzYyMTE@._V1_.jpg) thinking of where to eat, I decided on White Castle and left the house. The hospital I was at was along the way and I saw the nurse who helped me so I [sat down next to her](https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/beinghuman/images/3/39/Sally_Zoe_404.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140304231944) and told her everything that happened, she was glad I stuck up for myself. She asked how I found the courage and I said that the fall must’ve made something come out of me, when I said that I was hoping the girl was in her own new body… hopefully she can guide it and it’s similar to hers.

    It’s the end of my first month now and there wasn’t much adjusting to do since I knew how to do everything, I already felt everything too so there was no weirdness. The boyfriends trial is in a week and I’m gonna have to help put him way, I shouldn’t say “have to” because I’ll tell the court everything he did… I just don’t want to look at him again. I’m healing better but the ribs are still sore sometimes and my body is still healing from the fall down the steps. I got a job as a chef in a diner since she learned to cook when she was a teen and only got better ever since. I’m looking forward to life now, I kind of get a second chance… I’m not gonna waste it this time.

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