Workers for the National Motion Sickness Hotline know that empathy is the key to success.

Workers for the National Motion Sickness Hotline know that empathy is the key to success.

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  • Are you tired of your workers being productive at work? Do you hate when you get a hand written message you can read? Does seeing others not struggle to use a keyboard upset you? Then buy them the swivel chair.

  • How did anyone think this was a good idea? I think there’s one of these sitting in the corner of my laundromat.

  • I fucking love this subreddit

  • I didn’t see which sub this was in and honestly got excited thinking there was a National Motion Sickness Hotline. Motion sickness is the worst. 🙁

  • *Despacito plays in the background*

  • Obligatory *unzips* comment

  • HA!
    Olivia Munn did a bit on this when she was on Attack of the Show on TechTV:

  • “Stop procrastinating and get back to twerk.”

  • This was obviously dreamt up in a boardroom full of men as some sort of sick joke

  • R/confusedboners

  • This is mesmerising.

  • They should be using a Shake Weight to get the full yaw, pitch, and roll.

  • So when I’m trying to be discrete, I can actually look like I’m working?? Brb…gotta go order one!

  • Throw that ass in a circle

  • A lot of the time I see these goofy infomercial ads and think “well this product is actually neat/useful/handy.”

    This is not one of those times. It just reminds me of those ab machine things you see in 1950s stock footage film.

  • Looks great for typing.

  • It’s the Hawaii Chair!

  • I would have busted a nut into a sock watching this in 1995.

  • Every once in a while this sub absolutely nails it. Today was a good day. A good day, indeed. Well done.

  • I like where you went with your post of this. I don’t like that you got more sweet, sweet karma than me though. Congratulations, fucking guy. Well done!

  • This is the fidget spinner of chairs

  • Why is there a back on this chair ? Who is going to sit back and relax while the lower half of their body is spinning around uncontrollably ?

  • I’m sure they’re all women for a reason

  • Throw that ass in a circle

  • My friends parents have one of these. I always joke with him when I visit that chair was how he was made.

  • ( 👁 ͜ʖ👁)

  • Have one, can confirm, annoying and big and loud and really no purpose. We just tried to get rid of it at a garage sale and no one would take it

  • It just looks sexually suggestive.

  • My toddler does this exact movement in her chair when she doesn’t want to waste time going to the toilet.

    An office full of these would make me want to wee.

  • I honestly think this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on this sub Reddit 🙂

  • Omg, I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe and woke my husband up. He also thinks the cat is worried about my mental stability. Best title ever.

  • These would be great if you had a hemorrhoid.

  • *Our* vertigo

  • Why don’t they just use me as a chair then? Basically the same…kinda

  • There is heavy sex jokes here.

  • Taking “throw that ass in a circle for me” to the next level: office edition.

  • Baby’s first mechanical bull. We all gotta start somewhere.

  • At first I hadn’t noticed the top letterbox bar and thought these people worked in an office with a terrifying Lovecraftian black hole floor that had already sucked in their legs.

  • Holy balls…. All infomercials are some kind of sex device.

    Shakeweight and Bowflex…obviously.. But like.. how is the Snuggie related to… oh shit…Shamwow… fuck

    Everything is a dildo!

  • Now you can throw that ass in a circle at work, without being a stripper!

  • decent sex chair maybe

  • you know at least 1 of them is wearing a butt plug.

  • Not my proudest fap

  • If this was a funny pet gif someone would ruin it by saying they had tourettes.

  • >throw that ass in a circle

  • I used to see this ad on Vietnamese tv channels all the time. My grandma used to have one, so I would get to sit on it whenever I visited.

  • Why is this making me horny

  • *sigh*
    ::unzips pants::

  • Unexpected erection.

  • Every guy should buy their woman one of these. Thank me later.

  • /r/confusedboners

  • I cant help but think they’re riding good cock

  • One of the best titles I’ve seen here. Bravo!

  • I don’t know if anyone has one of these, but I can imagine the terror of listening to the screeching sound of the chair moving or the motor making noise. It would probably kill me. That constant sound lol

  • What’s the point of these chairs?

  • Wtf

  • I literally just watched this episode, how odd.

  • C’mon girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me.

  • Hawaii chair!

  • Where can i meet women with hip rhythm like this?!

  • 1 800 hotline bling

  • Training for cowgirl.

  • i’m trying to remember if i had seen this before on tv.

  • The first fidget spinner

  • Can’t tell if have to pee or trying to orgasm.

  • Slap a dildo on one of those bad boys.

  • Empathy is the key to success, which is why self help is king. Now pick yourself up loser.

  • What in the fuck is this shit

  • The only office environment I can see this in has the brazzers watermark.

  • Does it bother anybody else that two of them are going clockwise and the third is going counter clockwise?

  • this would make you look like such a fool in the office

  • This is like something Jim would convince Dwight to buy on the office.

  • I feel wrong for getting erect while looking at pelvic thrusts

  • Whatthefuckisthat.gif

  • Tbh it kind of wierdly turns me on

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