• No, your work *isn’t* done; you still have dinner to pick up.

  • It’s depressing how easily people fall for totally real stories. Almost 30k likes. Shoot me in the fucking head.

  • “Yeah well you’re a little shit kid who would starve to death without us”

  • >My work here is done

    Releases 3 year old into the wild

  • “I’ve influenced my child to be biased against her father. I’m a good parent.”


  • Is it sexist to divide family and home responsibilities? Apparently so.

  • r/wokekids

  • No 3yo says “grown man”…. Maybe “big boy”

    Lady needs to dumb down her speak when she is making up a story

  • Since this kid’s attitude is so grown up, she can get a job and pay the bills.

  • “Daddy is a grown man working so that I can even buy the food”

  • I mean… kids repeat everything you say so it could’ve happened but this person is making it look like something that is not.

  • Serious question here. My daughter is almost 2 and half of what she says is unintelligible to anyone other than my wife and myself. Does speech drastically improve by 3?

  • 100% believable. My 3 year old says some crazy stuff. The other day he told me to just handle myself, with an eye roll.

  • Who doesn’t make complex social commentary when they’re three year old ?

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  • This doesn’t seem fake wtf this could totally happen

  • So she taught her daughter to be inconsiderate to her family, a person that probably works his ass off to keep her in new clothes, a nice house and feed her? If it was the opposite, if I said this about my mom to my dad he would beat the fuck out of me. How is this a proud moment for the mom that at her young age she is already a selfish little shit. I feel bad for the husband.

    In the grand scheme of things, I hope this is fake.

  • I have a problem with this sub in that a lot of people here seem to often unable to understand hyperbole or humour.

    Likely the child said her dad could do it himself. That’s believable. That’s the sort of thing the 3 year olds in my life might say. Not necessarily out of feminist ideals, but out of entirely innocent sweet childish spite.

    We all were like that XD.

    Now the mother makes a joke about this comment being thanks to her, not necessarily being serious, because there’s a thing called humour, where people exaggerate, and tell small, fairly obvious lies.

    So small child makes comment, mum jokes that it’s thanks to feminism on Facebook.

    Yeah, that probably did happen.

  • Wanna create a family with me so I can teach it that families are obsolete? And husbands are unnecessary?

  • She didn’t even mention feminism or the patriarchy, it’s thanks to feminism on Facebook.

  • it’s not like kids know what they’re saying at that age.

    She probably hears her mom saying it all the time, so she’s repeating it.

  • Kids just repeat what they hear… So kudos for humiliating your husband so much it sunk in your kids head.

  • /r/nothingeverhappens

    Kid was probably tired and wanted to go home. It’s only social commentary if you make it out to be.

  • What an ungrateful little shit

  • What does “woke” mean?

  • Kid’s ready to head out on its own. Dad can quit his job, move on to a self fulfilling life as an impoverished pilgrim wandering the planet like a child free of care or responsibility.

  • This very believable. If the mother is always saying stupid shit like that, kids get those things very fast.

  • This is actually something my 3 year old niece would say, but not because of the patriarchy; she’s just a smart little shit. She’d also deliver her dad a beer if he asked though.

  • WTF? This is neither “woke” nor “patriarchy”….

  • I’m sure the kid did say that. But only because 3 and 4 year olds are parrots and repeat everything their parents say to them.

    Source: have a four year old.

  • Told my son,” remind me that mom needs money for groceries”
    my son replies”, mom is grown independent woman, she can get her own money.”

  • That’s a nice thing to do, no matter who the food is for. Why is it a good thing your daughter doesn’t want to do it.

  • “Mommy where did daddy go?”

    “Your daddy was the patriarchy, we now get his hard earned money”

  • Yeah, teach your daughter to hate her father. Nice “work”.

  • She didn’t finish the story, where’s the everyone clapping?

  • The comments on here are always so baffling. 3 year olds might say stuff like this because they heard it on TV, from their parent, etc… and because 3 year olds are insanely selfish. The person tweeting this seems like she just thought it was funny. How did so many people get so defensive on here about this? This seems so banal, why are so many of you getting so offended?

  • “Screw Dad. Let’s pick up food on the way home and not get anything for him. That’ll show him for being born with a penis!”

  • why cant we just be kind to each other

  • Could this woman be the lord himself? Hail the RP-46.

  • Your work is done? So you have absolutely nothing left to impart on a fucking THREE YEAR OLD?

  • Alternatively you do things for people because you like and respect them even if they can do it themselves.

  • I have a friend who teaches her daughter to say crap like this all the time. Then she posts it on Facebook all proud. She has a great husband, who’s a great father. I do not understand why she teaches her daughter to put him down. It seems pretty contrary to the “equality” she preaches.

  • I was gonna come here and point out how stupid and irrational this post is, but it looks like that’s been taken care of.

  • Mommy’s a grown woman, she can make her own money and buy her own house and raise the kid by herself.

  • Women: We want equality!

    *Government says women can now be drafted*

    Women: We don’t mean that equality…

  • r/wokekids

  • Sounds like someone’s lazy ass has been sitting at home with the kid all day while that dad busts his as for them. Get up and make dinner

  • Yeah, but you shit your pants and cried all day, and dad worked all day. So we are being a good half of a healthy relationship and getting him dinner.

  • “Yes! I’m such a good parent that I’ve raised my daughter to refuse to do anything for her own father at such a young age! Everyone knows the best trait in a 3 year old girl is to lack basic human decency!”

    Seriously! I know this is fake but why do people think this would be something to brag about? Do you want people to think your baby daughter is a bitch? Or are you so deluded that you are actually trying to make your marriage one sided to fight the patriarchy?

  • And you wonder why there are so many single mothers.

  • “My work here is done.” is like a stamp of authenticity for made up bullshit.

  • No shit he can make it, he’s also working right now making money for all of you. Maybe you just do nice things for people,especially family. This is a terrible thing to praise your child for.

  • How can any interpretation of this be anything other than “this vein of feminism wants to destroy the family unit?” I mean, if this woman had already agreed to pick up dinner for her husband, then all that would be saying is, “Don’t live up to your obligations to your family.” It’s not like if I went camping with my guy friends, and I promised to bring the tent, that the excuse, “You’re grown men. Shelter yourselves!” would be a good excuse.

  • And women wonder why chivalry is dead…

  • dismantling the patriarchy one meal at a time

  • God forbid a family work together on such things.

  • Mommy can go get a job

  • The cat is so sad.

  • Now the mother makes a joke a mum would make.

  • How I feel

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