Winston Churchill in Hitler’s seat [Colorized] 1940s

Winston Churchill in Hitler’s seat [Colorized] 1940s

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  • He mentions this in his six volume work on the war; he only sat tentatively on it lest it collapsed under him.

  • Winston Churchill is the definition of old school cool

  • It looks like the other men with him were making sure he didn’t fall! That chair does not look stable.

  • Winston Churchill was a bloody badass

  • Looks like scene from “Dad’s Army”!

  • Down voting is not a concern for me but thanks for the support….. I am not into buying romantic historic approach to fake heroes.

    I know tens of thousands dies unnecessarily in Gallipoli because of him from all sides. He was a warmonger happen to defeat another but worse warmonger with American help in WWII.

    There are no honorable politicians or generals..

  • Is that the guy who instigated the US to topple a democratically elected secular government in Iran to avenge nationalization of Iranian oil which eventually created monarchy eventually resulting in Islamic Revolution.

    He is an asshole !

  • Something about the blue of his suit makes it look like he was photoshopped in. He’s a little too bright. I’m sure this took a lot of work though and it’s still really cool.

  • He looks crippled. Probably just drunk.


  • this looks photoshopped as hell

  • It’s a pity that the chair is all broken and torn; it could have fetched some dollars on one of the auction shows.

  • They sure don’t make em like Churchill anymore. I wish they did. Now we get Mike Flynn & cronies.

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