Wild bunny accepted me

Wild bunny accepted me

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  • Whaaat. Are you sure that isn’t a pet

  • Im pretty sure even if you’re guy. You are a princess now.

  • Imagine if you were that bunny. Some huge mostly hairless creature puts out a skin platform to you, you immediately climb into it and while sniffing, the skin platform raises up, high up off the ground, higher than you’ve ever been, and there’s no sides to the platform, it just curves itself into a bowl, but half of it is weird skin sticks, and then all of a sudden you are up to its eyes. It sees you and you see it.

  • I believe it 100%. While one has never crawled into my hand like this one did to you, you majestic motherfucker, I’ve been able to pet dozens of babies over the years while they’ve grazed in my yard. Mostly I think they were just thankful I was keeping my dogs away from them.

  • Fully expected you to lose a finger.

  • Have you been wearing your lettuce deodorant again OP?

  • While on a walk a while back I saw a cat in the classic stalking pose. I followed his line of sight and saw a baby bunny about this same size. It was a neighbor’s yard and their front bay window was wide open, but I couldn’t just keep walking and the cat was quite fat. I’m guessing it was a pet.

    I made a run to the bunny’s location grabbed it wo it making any effort to get away. Ran back out of the yard and released it in a bush farther down the street.

    I’m guessing that cat was pissed that someone else got his ‘2nd dinner’. And I’m guessing the bunny was just thoroughly confused.

  • *I will get him to trust me and then I will lead back to our lair. We will feast for days, my brothers!*

  • One time a chipmunk did this to me. I was young and stupid and thought I was special and took it home. It never ran around much like I thought chipmunks did. He honestly seemed tame. He would sit on my head and shoulder and drink from an oral syringe. It was 3 days after I brought him home that I realized he had a respiratory infection that accounted for his calmness and I took him to an exotic vet, knowing I would never see him again. It sounds weird but I did love him, even in that short time. I fed him and cleaned ticks off his face and cared for him so well. Unfortunately he would die unless I said goodbye forever. I did the right thing and 3 weeks later they called me and told me he was rehabilitated into the wild. I was so happy I started crying. I was so happy my interference actually helped him, when by all counts, picking him up was the wrong thing to do. I love you, Chispita, wherever you are.

  • Where’s the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch when you need it? That is most certainly the spawn of Caerbannog

  • I been trying for 3 years with carrots, radishes, and loads of patience…..

  • Here is another gif of [my aunt petting it](https://i.imgur.com/gdCx49h.gifv)

  • https://m.xkcd.com/1871/

    Activate the Bun alert.

  • It’s pretty common for wild baby cottontails to be OK with humans, actually.

    [Here’s another example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk5gQZ59zPg) which is almost exactly identical to OP’s experience.

  • Upvoted because OP is actually engaged with the commentators and not a fucking karma whore.

  • The moment you realize you’re an IRL Disney Princess.

  • I believe what you have there is a [king bun](https://xkcd.com/1682). Be sure to show it the proper respect. Also, be sure to send out the [alert](https://xkcd.com/1871).

  • “You’re responsible for it now sucker” – Mother Rabbit, probably.

  • Probably accepted you because you have some apple scent around lol

  • Tell me about the rabbits, George…

  • baby. Mother abandoned it, mother likely got killed. It thinks your its mother/father/guardian thing now, it will likely live in your yard until it has the same fate as its mother.

    EDIT: Sorry to be this way, nature doesn’t discriminate when wild beasts are hungry. I too feel for the bunny, here is a cute bunny gif to make you all feel better: [Here](https://i.imgur.com/VGdatom.gifv) (it is safe for work, and its actually a bunny).

  • I’ve been trying to do this for years in my backyard, to no avail. Sadly, I don’t have in a house with a bunny-filled yard right now. I didn’t think this was actually possible, but I get so jealous when I see random pictures on Reddit of people finding baby bunnies while mowing and whatnot. When I move, I’m gonna spend all my days trying to achieve this.

  • Careful! If it’s wild it could be a bunny rabbid.

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