WikiLeaks Releases Over 20,000 Macron Campaign Emails

WikiLeaks Releases Over 20,000 Macron Campaign Emails

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  • So, after they posted a download link to the mails a day before the election, after they helped #macronLeaks trend, after implied that Macron couldn’t know if it contained fakes, after they coined the term #MacronGate, after all this, they release the emails?

    Fuck off wikileaks.

  • >WikiLeaks Desperately Tries to Stay Relevant With Help From Russian Masters

  • >releasing Macron emails in hopes that it will make the french dislike him more.

    >not realizing the Frogs hate all their leaders anyway.

    Nice meme WikiLeaks.

  • Fuck off, Putin

  • What’s in them?

  • Wikileaks has Trump files but won’t release them because it’s a fascist propaganda distributor supported by Russia.

    Get bent, Wikileaks.

  • Leaks are important when they expose things that need to see the light of day, but just leaking thousands upon thousands of random documents is a massive violation of people’s privacy. Are all of these 20k emails relevant? Do they all contain secrets that need to be exposed? Of course not.

    Fuck off back to your Kremlin-controlled RT paymasters, Julian Assange.

  • ITT: liberals who liked wikileaks when they leaked things about bush but not now that they are exposing left wingers.

  • Don’t care pee pee tape when?

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