• I find it interesting that we didn’t we see this much outrage on Twitter when “Man in the High Castle” came out…

  • Read between the lines and you see the small group that started the tag wants HBO to “consult” with them.. Its a shakedown.

  • Because they’re lame ass wannabe censors who are judging something before its out due to some vague as fuck notion of racism, which I am fucking certain the writers intend to discuss through the lense of a heightened reality. You know, like any speculative fiction. Virtue signaling at its ignorant worst.

  • Is this going to become the norm? People becoming preemptively offended by shows that don’t yet exist, and then organizing to prevent those shows from getting made? This is like the Minority Report of political correctness.

  • And i doubt HBO will listen to the hashtag movement and would rather listen to the two guys that gave them their most successful show in the companies history.

  • The # on twitter is full of so many dumb people. So now alt-history is off the books? I usually understand the logic when people find something offensive and want it canceled, but i cant even fathom the logic in this case. Wouldnt a show like this just prove how awful a confederate win would have been? I highly doubt D&D would tell the story from a pro confederate win, pro slavery point of view.

  • They can “not go away” all they want, I’m trying the show out anyway, and HBO is gonna trust the creators of one of the greatest shows of all time.

  • I had no idea this was a thing and I’ll be sure to check it out – alternative history shows are my jam! There needs to be more of them. As for people protesting there will always be people protesting shows they don’t like the premise of.

  • As a black guy, I’ll admit the idea sounds a bit… potentially troublesome. However, I love GoT so I’ll give the show a chance.

    I just think people are being too quick to pass judgement on this show (whether they’re defending it or trying to shut it down). I also think that people on both sides aren’t really stopping to consider the POV of the other side (which, unfortunately, is becoming more and more common these days when it comes to issues like this. Everyone’s either “a huge racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. bigot” or a “over sensitive SJW snowflake Tumblrina” – I’ve already seen some of the latter in this thread. It’s honestly exhausting.)

    If the show turns out to just be a racist’s jerk off fantasy about black people still being slaves, then yeah, keep the hashtag going. If it turns out to be an intriguing and thought-provoking story despite who it’s created by, then I think we should give it a chance. In any case, I think people are *really* jumping the gun here.

    It’s just too early to tell.

  • As a Mexican I laugh at all of you who care about this shit so much that you make a hashtag out of it.

  • Very keen to see what David and Dan have cooked up.

    Don’t care what anyone thinks about it until I’ve seen it.

    Nice of these clowns to give them free advertising.

    The Handmaid’s Tale advances women’s rights beautifully – a similar campaign would have seen it not made.

  • If an alternate history show about slavery is “controversial” for you, you’re fucked in the head.

    I didn’t see people rioting about The Man in the High Castle.

  • Because they love being outraged as much as they love removing perspective.

  • Don’t worry guys, I’ve heard spamming hash tags on twitter is one of the most powerful forms of protest, and is almost guaranteed to get you what you want. I’m sure HBO is quietly canceling the show at this very moment.

  • isn’t man in the high castle about germany and japan winning ww2? Basically people are cool with a show about Nazi’s taking over America and ridding the country of “inferior” people? But a show about the confederacy winning the civil war is too far? I’m sure everyone here is glad the south lost, but this show already sounds interesting af.

  • So I suppose , what your suggesting is , you need more time to bitch and moan about HISTORY…….oh…..ok….sure….we’ll wait….take your time…..no problem. You don’t mind if the rest of us enjoy the rest of the day do ya? No ? OK ,we’ll be just outside enjoying TODAY….take all the time you need , it’s no problem , good luck in your deliberations.

  • How about #NoCuntsLikeAprilReign?

  • It’s about control and the power trip high they get from controlling others. We have toddlers a magic wand and then just expected them to use it responsibly……

  • Keep it up folks because your tweeting is the only reason I heard about this show, and I am absolutely 100% certain it’s going to portray slavery in the horrific light that it deserves.

  • People are so fucking stupid

  • I hope HBO trust these writers and doesn’t fold. Not because I care about the show I just don’t like censorship.

  • I swear to Christ if these SJW’s ruin a potentially masterful HBO drama I’m gonna fucking scream.

  • Why is an article with so few upvotes after 3 hours sitting this high up on the page?

  • Really looking forward to checking this out.

    These pseudo-activists need to find a hobby

  • Well, considering this is the first I’ve heard of their “protest”, something tells me it wasn’t terribly successful.

    I can tell you one thing; I’m damn sure going to watch it when it comes out now.

  • does no one in this thread consider that this show might just be a tiny bit alienating to the black community when the topic of violence against them is so recent?

  • You guys are so cynical. Someone on Reddit made a good comment about it earlier. Guys just sit down and listen.

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