Why I own a gun.

Why I own a gun.

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  • 63% of all gun deaths in the US are suicide so not far off.

  • I don’t even like interacting with people over the phone anymore. Let that shit go to voicemail so I can spend 10 minutes thinking of an excuse for why I let the call go to voicemail.

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  • I swore I’d never get a gun, but now I NEED one.

  • Needs more jpeg

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  • Awe.. Sweet introvert death

  • so many redditors in their darkened apartments right now are nodding their heads to this post.

  • me too, thanks

  • Whatever Meg.

  • This is one passed around jpeg

  • I may not agree with him. But I will fight to the death to preserve his right to do so.

  • good logic 10/10

    does that mean whoever gets to him first gets the house? i will transfer the property taxes to William Charlea Schneider

  • Makes sense to me

  • And I thought I was a bad people person

  • Well shit, that’s a damn good reason to own a gun right there.

  • [maybe not](https://youtu.be/AIeiLo08JoA)

    Edit: nsfw

  • God bless America

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  • sunglasses emoji

  • That moment when you know who posted this and he just stole it from Chris who got it off Reddit

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  • Just remember as we all happily discuss the second amendment that three times as many people are killed by obesity, yet obesity does nothing to guarantee individual freedoms, security, nor does obesity protect from threats both internal and foreign. In the light of Edward Snowden, as the UK porn ban worsens and several EU nations and Canada throw people in jail for ridiculing Islam in the wake of Islamic terror attacks, theresa may talking about Chinese style internet censorship, and the other documented infringements on American and European liberties, we should all ponder how deeply, truly valuable it is to have law-abiding citizenry individually armed as a safeguard against tyranny. As others have pointed out you are 17x more likely to die from incompetent medical treatment than from firearms and that includes 63% of gun deaths being suicides.

  • ~millenials~

  • pretty much honestly

  • True, but that shouldn’t mean we don’t get ratings with half a percentage.

  • So I’m guessing he ordered his gun online.

  • Brilliant

  • I own a gun ’cause all I do is dance

  • Seen this before so I am UNINTERESTED

  • That’s kinda unexpected reason to own a gun.

  • i shoot at people if u know what i mean

  • If I robbed people and one of the people I was robbing shot themself while I was doing it. I dont think I would ever do it again.

  • The jpeg is strong with this one.

  • Haha, the life of an introvert!

  • damn. thats like an extreme introvert.

  • Thats Not a very good idea

  • I thought it was /r/iamverybadass when I started readi ng it

  • I wanna know if he’s in the Goat Unit (not so cool) or the Go-At Unit (which is moderately cool)?

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