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  • If I were in that room I would be able to leave immediately since my name is Victor and by default there will be a victor in the room. 🙃

  • I’d order a lot of pizza and have a pizza party with the tiger. Meat lovers, obviously.

  • I wasn’t sure if this was r/meirl for a second there.

  • aint nothing wholesome about giving up, should go buy a few pounds of raw meat for the fella 🙂

  • I don’t understand how this is wholesome. I have a family that needs me. I’m walking out of that room.

  • First, I lock all of my cats out of the room.

    Then I get the large tub of cat food out of the corner and pour it in the middle of the room.

  • what’s the -109 in the top right corner?

  • This reminds me of a story about a past life of the Buddha that I learned in an art history class.

    The Buddha was walking through a forest with a friend of his, when they came across a tigress and her cub. Both of the tigers were starving, unable to move enough to hunt, and on the verge of death. The Buddha sent his friend off to look for food. When the friend returned, the Buddha was gone. Only his robes remained on a tree. He had removed his clothes, climbed up somewhere high, and jumped to the tigers. The fall killed him and split him open, allowing the weak tigers to eat his body. He had sacrificed himself to show compassion to those in need.

    The story is told in [this panel, *The Hungry Tigress Jataka.*](https://d32dm0rphc51dk.cloudfront.net/OPIafomMNqIaAJeHS3LlbQ/larger.jpg) It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces we studied. Eastern art’s elegance without being monumental (like much of Greek/Italian art seems to be) has always been fascinating to me, and I love the panel’s movement and storytelling.

    Apologies to anyone who knows the story, I’m sure I left things out/misremembered bits.

  • I saw this post here and on /r/furry_irl too.

    A very unexpected crossover,dare I say

  • I’d invite my friend Victor over. The tiger can eat him victoriously.

  • What’s the original thread?

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  • Anyone have a link to the original?

  • Order a pizza, play the odds that I am more agile than the delivery man

  • /r/2meirl4meirl

    Me too thanks

  • This isn’t wholesome for me. I need memes that have 0% chance of invoking anxiety.

  • I would cut a ~~power cable~~ brownie and separate the two ends, then I would put it on the ground ~~plugged in~~ on a plate and block the room off with the sofa. Wherever the tiger appears I will jump toward that side of the sofa, missing the ~~cable~~ brownie, and bate the tiger into pouncing onto it, which will freeze it on the spot ~~until cardiac arrest~~ fully enjoying the delicious taste of his brownie while I eat my half and rub his ears.

    Edit: Added some wholesome

  • I surrender and let the Tiger win. We both leave the room because the rules never said one of us had to die for the other to be declared victorious.

  • I’m currently in a gigantic cubicle farm and some of my coworkers consealed carry so I’d probably be fine. Worst case scenario I just outrun some of the older/fatter ones. Sorry people whose named I never bothered to learn!

  • This is probably the most swedish way possible to approach the situation.

  • I’d call Victor, my brother in law to hurry up and get here so no one has to die.

  • I am currently in a room with 4 rifles on the wall. I would load the 12gauge and the 30-06 and then simply wait in one of the corners.

  • My 45 next to me on the night stand should do the trick.

  • I don’t think this is as wholesome as many of you seem to believe. I think it more akin to /r/me_irl memes where the poster wants to die.

  • 2meirl4meirl

  • When /r/me_irl meets /r/wholesomememes

  • Spoken like a vegan

  • Wow, an image that would not be out of context on wholesomememes or 2meIRL4meIRL…the tone is just dramatically different.

  • This is like wholesomememes and me_irl combined

  • I don’t know about you guys, but everything is starting to look like r/2meirl4meirl from here.

  • Suicidal redditor*

  • Immediately pet his tummy

  • First post I’ve ever seen which would fit well both in /r/wholesomememes and /r/2meirl4meirl

  • That’s not wholesome that’s suicidal

  • /r/vore?


    I don’t know if this is against the rules because it’s not technecally posting NSFW content, just linking it. If it is, sorry.

  • Throw the 42inch thin tv head in at him, only in hope his face goes straight threw the screen. Then as hes get close, hoof the fuck out of the botton of the tv only in another hope it will slice threw his throat. And then spend the next ten minutes trying to heave the fat bastard off me and then crawl to a phone.

  • I mean if you are going this way just get naked.

  • how the hell is this wholesome?

  • I’d switch off the current so the poor tiger doesn’t get electrocuted.

  • 93%! That’s a really high charge percentage, one of the highest I’ve seen on Reddit! Good job!

  • 30 minute? Just enough time to rub 2 more out.

  • I’m in a room with 2 AR15’s and a rottweiler so kitty best behave.

  • Invite my cousin victor into my room and leave quickly

  • I would just name the tiger Victor.

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