• Borders and blockbuster. So many childhood memories. I remember going in on weekends with my Mom and getting to pick out a book or two and/or a CD. I miss the smell of new books.

  • So much. I was just thinking of Borders the other day.

    Not to mention the borders near me used to host acoustic sets of popular artists all the time. I saw Tegan and Sara and The Avett Brothers there.

  • “Voted the #1 place to dick around waiting for your movie to start for 6th consecutive year”

  • Borders always had a better graphic novel section than B&N.

  • We have Half Priced Books around here and as a result, I don’t miss Borders at all. Used to have Hastings too but they finally went away.

    Mostly I missed the coffee shop alternative to Starbucks

  • Meh. I miss buying computer games at B. Dalton though.

  • I remembers borders always being ridiculously overpriced

  • but we’ll always have Books A Million

  • I miss browsing books and CDs, making notes of them and getting them way cheaper online

  • We need to strengthen and secure our Borders

  • We used to have one behind my house. When I stayed home to raise my son, we would go almost every day. When they closed, I bought the table that all the children’s books were displayed on (his favorite display). It’s still in our house, and he and my other son still use it.

    Such great memories of that store.

  • Fun fact: Borders had a foundation to help their booksellers in emergency situations. Now the foundation helps booksellers from any bookstore in the US. http://www.bincfoundation.org

  • I used to work for Borders :

  • Spent much of my adolescence here. Now the one I went to is a craft warehouse and I get chills going in there since I remember where everything used to be.

  • I once shit my pants in the sci-fi section of a borders in Tennessee. Felt a bit of a rumble in the ‘ol tum-tum, thought I could let a little fart slip on by and BOOM I had just shit a liquidy blob of molten poo on high pressure directly into my pants. I was wearing boxers and white basketball shorts for reference.

    A human being had to clean my poop out of the carpet y’all.

  • I worked for Waldenbooks, a subsidiary of Borders, it was the best 8 years of my life. They had insurance for LGBTQ partners in the 90s, great stock options, amazing vacation time, and decent pay. The people in the stores were the bomb, they loved their jobs, books, and introducing others to magical worlds. The only reason I left was because of the closings. Granted….I sure as hell don’t miss Christmas.

  • As a Britperson who loves anything American, I remember when we first got one of these in my town and I thought it was the best thing ever. It had a Starbucks. You could just go grab a book and a coffee and read like you were at a damn library. Then about 2 years later it closed along with the rest of them…. 🙁 I didn’t even have time to get caught taking a Tom Clancy into the toilets….

  • I still have books with their stickers on the back, and plenty of my CDs came from there.

  • The Borders near me became a Barnes & Noble. They didn’t even change the layout, and it also has a large music section and a cafe. It basically didn’t change a bit.

  • Borders was the “high end” version of Media Play. I’m not really sure why. Good marketing. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • When our local Bordera closed down they sold the bookshelves and the large shelf labels in black boxes, we bought some and they are a prominent part of our living room 🙂 at first I thought I’d never fill it but it was surprising easy and I wished I’d bought more!

  • The best raspberry scones and coffee. Miss Borders so much

  • You mean the Amazon showroom?

  • So much. It was my favorite bookstore. Quiet, great selection, awesome chocolate cupcakes in their cafe.

  • During summer vacations when i was a broke early teen I’d go into borders and read all their Magic the Gathering magazines, despite being too poor to actually afford the cards, but it was nice to imagine.

  • trump said he was gonna bring back borders. don’t blame me.

  • The fun uncle of Barnes & Noble.

  • I remember having a $25 gift card and going in excited to get two albums. Turns out that’s the price of one album at Borders. Thankfully, it was a very good one (Jay-Z – The Blueprint).

    The other thing I remember is them having a porno magazine section (don’t think B&N has that?). It was always entertaining to go in and watch businessmen reading porno mags in public. What the hell is that about? I imagine a progress bar above their heads: Downloading image to spank bank – 78% complete.

  • Loved that place. My wife and I used to spend hours there after work just reading and relaxing.

  • I found so much cool music by using their headphone system. Scan the cd and listen to it in the headphones.

  • It’s still a thing in Malaysia!

  • Probably Trump

  • Who misses the bloated monster that destroyed the bulk of bookstores?

  • Did anyone else ever go to Hastings or was that an Arizona thing?

  • If you related this to politics, sorry but you’re objectively fucking lame.

  • Public visitation – we met at Borders.

  • I miss Borders the most of all the stores that have closed. Besides the books, I loved the hot chocolate at Seattle’s Best Coffee. I have not been able to find anything like it anywhere. 🙁 It was seriously my favorite!

  • More than anything. I cried the day they closed their doors for good.

  • So sad that the stingy old MDs at Doctors without Borders had to ruin it for the rest of us.

  • Working for Borders…it was still the best job I ever had.

  • Used to have one next to the Best Buy in my hometown. Now it’s a fucking Shoe Outlet. If I want books I either go to Books A Million or Barnes and Nobles.

  • I miss bookstores in general. I’m one of those assholes that loves going into bookstores and browsing and figuring out what to read next, and then purchasing it on my fucking kindle. Books are one of those horrible pain in the ass things to move once you have a collection.

  • Damn, Borders is nostalgic? I’m getting old…

  • l can’t believe it’s been six years. I remember visiting the flagship Ann Arbor store [just before it started to disappear](http://www.mlive.com/business/ann-arbor/index.ssf/2016/02/former_borders_properties_thri.html).

  • My first visit to Borders was in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1983. I never thought they would grow to size they did later. By then I thought they’d always be around.

  • I try to be as responsible a customer there as I can 🙁 I like the local books they have (Maine authors and stuff) and all the silly plastic tat keeps me entertained for long enough when I’m done picking up that day’s embarrassing OCD And You workbook. And it keeps my mother (who is my ride 😂) entertained while I’m looking.

    Also they have Calico Critters. I love those lil things.

    I have one of their cards though. I’m caring about how much value I get from it, I just wanted to support a store I go to a lot. Then it turns out I’m actually saving quite a bit.

  • Borders and Hollywood Video, for when B&N and Blockbuster didn’t have the book or movie you were looking for.

  • Me! I used to work there. The best retail job I’ve ever had.

  • I pooped myself in a borders. Long story short I was on a metra train in Chicago. I felt sick, but thought I could wait till I got home. It then hit me, I ran into a borders literally shitting myself. Got to the bathroom, cleaned up and tossed my boxers into the garbage. I felt horrible so I left 20 bucks on the toilet paper dispenser. So yeah I miss borders a lot

  • There is still a Borders and a Blockbuster In Anchorage, Alaska. That’s not where I live though..

  • I’m really lucky, the borders near me just turned into a store that was exactly like borders. It looks exactly the same inside and I even mistakenly call it borders sometimes.

  • Awwww. One of my first jobs.

  • It’s all good. Trumps bringing them back.

  • Not me. The Borders I used to go to was turned into a 2nd & Charles. Won out on that deal.

  • I still have gift cards :/

  • Borders was the only place in Upstate NY I could find less common comic books like Tintin or Asterix&Obelix. Now that they’re gone and I’m trying to finish collecting whole series I’ve only the internet to aid me

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