Who ate the slipper?

Who ate the slipper?

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  • Its not always the guilty looking dog. Some dogs sense you’re upset and get nervous. I always thought my guilty looking dog was always the culprit until I put up a camera and was surprised it was actually the other dog! surprise surprise.

  • Idk the dachshund has a dastardly twinkle in his eyes like he put the pitbull up to it lol

  • As the owner of a grey pittie, OF COURSE it’s the pit! Darn fat heads love to chew! And don’t always think enough to realize it’s not a toy. But man, do they feel bad afterwards.


  • All the emotion on display here is incredible.

  • Gave himself away, the guilt was too much to bare, he couldn’t even look you in the eye.

  • Is there a subreddit for guilty pups? Might as well do nothing productive today.

  • As a dog owner, where do you go from here? Do you just lock away your stuff? Do you correct/retrain/punish the dog somehow?

  • Your Doxie is beautiful. ❤️

  • As the owner of a dachshund who recently ate two tubes of lip balm and the cover of a paperback book, I vote dachshund.

  • Both super cute dogs

  • Dude, I ate the slippers, ok? Don’t be mad at them 🙁 🙁

  • Was it Denver? It’s usually Denver.

  • No cut ears, very nice😃 I think pibbles look better without their ears cut

  • It’s not guilt, they’re showing submissive behaviors because they know the owner is mad, but unless the dog was caught in the act (which it’s apparent they weren’t) they can’t associate between the owner being mad and the shoe being shredded, as their attention span is only a few seconds. They just see a mad owner and are laying low to basically say “I’m not a threat please don’t hurt me”

  • Dogs don’t feel guilt. These dogs are scared.

  • Oh man! Don’t worry friend. I will take these problem pups off your hands free of charge. You don’t have to thank me.

  • Pits really are just the biggest babies in the dog world. It’s so easy to hurt their feelings.

  • Did he put himself into time out?

  • That’s not a slipper it’s a shoe sole

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