When you’ve absolutely got zero fucks left to give

When you’ve absolutely got zero fucks left to give

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  • Looks like the white car in the left tried to change lanes on her and she panicked.

  • This was *so close* to being a completely awesome opening for a Bangbus video…

  • “Just need to finish my soda before I check if this fucking asshole landed on her neck.”

  • Oh just another idiot *sips* I swear these kids get dumber and dumber with each generation. Back in my day, I would have hit that van twice as fast, done a backflip into the drivers seat, and drove off. Amateurs.

  • And that’s why you wear a helmet when you ride

  • Spy Hunter 2017

  • After watching it a few times, I don’t think the guy sees what the camera sees – the video starts with him walking away from where the accident will happen – so when he comes back after the crash, it was likely because he heard it… Point being he WAS actually interested in finding out what was going on, but just seems slow to react when he finds the woman on the ground (though he does appear to be looking at the driver of the car, who clearly caused the accident, to see what they’re going to do).

    TLDR: Maybe the old guy didn’t know how bad it was because he didn’t see it.

  • I’m more surprised that no one went ran up to her recording on their phone

  • Maybe that guy saw enough shit in Vietnam to not care about these sorts of things.

  • This [guy](https://streamable.com/a2t9d) has absolutely zero fucks to give long ago!

  • Wow thought the text was referring to the woman’s driving then saw that man walk right on by

  • r/Fullscorpion

  • That guy is an asshole :/

  • Maybe use a ramp next time.

  • Good on her for wearing a helmet.

  • I aspire to be that man. Chill as fuck.

  • He doesn’t have to do anything if he doesn’t want to.

  • Dude! she almost dies and that old POS sips his soda….

  • Can this guy be prosecuted for ‘failure to assist a person in danger’?

  • Target fixation

  • That’s Republican indifference to human suffering right there. Damn impressive.

  • I didn’t think that was funny..

  • *looks over* it would a be chica

  • Ironically she was the one rammed from behind last night.

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