When you time your dodge just right. [Cuphead]

When you time your dodge just right. [Cuphead]

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  • does anyone not use smoke bomb, and if not, why are you insane

  • i don’t know about you, but john goodman as cuphead just feels right to me

  • i would not know what this feels like :’(

  • Is this game worth the $20? Is stupid short or anything?

  • it’s crazy how ever since someone posted that old tv playing cuphead, i’ve seen prolly 20+ posts on my fp about it!
    not complaining, just wish i could play it :/

  • Can someone make this phone background compatible?

  • This got a chuckle out of me

  • I don’t know anything about Cuphead, but take my upvote for including the game name in the title.

  • WELL

  • I misread this as when you time your doge just right. I was disappointed.

  • When you finish the tutorial just right

  • Gotta say, besidest he graphics points people tend to bring up, this game is really basic in its design (game design)
    Its a run and gun 2D shooter with some base-upgrade mechanic and a boss-railgun shooter. It’s kinda okay, but imo nothing worth the hype. Tried it myself on PC and yes, I had to give it props, its hard on PC, dunno with Gamepad. But besides that, this game is .. normal. Its fairly nothing new to bring up and Imo, the graphics and the old-school design could be considered outstanding and therefor deserved the praise. But if we look past that, it’s just .. eh.
    I dunno.
    I don’t get the massive attention for it that much.

  • Oof, what a dead meme.

  • Cup head how much ?

  • That milk coming out of his head disturbs me…

  • hahaha cuphead funny name

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