When you leave your husband alone with the garden decor.

When you leave your husband alone with the garden decor.

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  • Creativity

  • You really have fake animal rabbits in your yard.

  • Plot twist: She has no husband

  • Quite a pronounced labia

  • “Honey what are you doing?”

    “It will look funny on reddit”

  • And that is the kind of husband I would like to have

  • Too funny!

    One of our neighbors had a plastic dog sign of a dog squatting like it was pooping. On the sign was written the word “No!” to indicate that they didn’t want you to let your dog poop in their yard.

    My husband 3-D printed a pile of poop and stuck it under the dogs butt, you know, for authenticity.

  • Honestly as a husband I find this offensive, I’d plant some more things in there, that garden is suffering from too much mulch!

  • He crapped his ears off!! Nice!!

  • In the hospital, first thing that made me smile in a while

  • My childish ways came back and I laughed my ass off

  • i love this

  • I like your husband.

  • Looks like a real live turtle head is pokin’ out.

  • Looks like Beymax is squat-shitting!

  • that`s some god-aweful decor; I`d deface it in a second.

  • Two new drafts for the universal sign for fast food joints.

  • Hahahahahahahaha P O O P 馃挬xdddd

    Say hello to r/comedycemetery

  • From bunny to baby… man, this is bringing back nightmares of when my kids were infants…

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