When you ask your grandma for an Xbox.

When you ask your grandma for an Xbox.

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  • Grandmothers are for cookies, pies and hugs. Not video games.

  • Man I’d be happy with that. I love flygon

  • Don’t hold it against her, let flygons be flygons.

  • Dang Pokémon is on Xbox now!

  • You better have thanked her and been greatful… also did you get any sick pulls?

  • Dont 👏post 👏pokemon 👏card 👏boxes 👏if 👏you 👏are 👏not 👏gonna 👏post 👏your 👏pulls 👏

  • How were the pulls?

  • Some people would still be stoked. Not me, but some.

  • Show us the dam cards.

  • That floor. Too bad you took your pic at a gamestop and put the damn thing back.

  • I gotta say I wouldn’t be disappointed

  • My grandparents always gave/give me a 100 dollars for Christmas. Opa served in WWII and Oma was moved from country to country until hitting the states. I’m 30 now and well off so I asked them to stop giving me money, in which they basically told me to go fuck myself. Love the shit out them.

  • She knew exactly what she was getting.

  • Okay, now post the damn pulls!

  • The result from swatting a fly until it’s gone, then asking someone at ToysRUs for an Xbox

  • Off topic: Flygon is the real Salamence, and vice versa. Swaped names.

  • This is still a good thing

  • Unless it’s bootleg it doesn’t seem to bad

  • This will be how I will troll my grandkids during Christmas or their birthday

  • People acting like OP is actually pretending he got this as a gift.. It’s just a joke ffs

  • …….Pulls?

  • Atleast you got a Flygon EX and possibly more EX on those packs.

  • I remember the [ORIGINAL X-Box](https://abload.de/img/xboxr5rswm.jpg)

  • Can’t complain though

  • nothing wrong with that, son

  • What an entitled cunt. You expect one person to buy you a $400 gift?

  • The sad truth is, she probably went out of her way to go to a local store. When she asked for an “Xbox”, the sales person knew exactly what she was looking for, but they knew they didn’t carry it. So to make a sale, the sales person goes to the isle and shows your grandma this.

    The worst part of it is, the local store probably buys a few of these for this very purpose.

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