What kind of a friend let her go out like that?

What kind of a friend let her go out like that?

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  • What kind of friend? The sort that knows she just jumped up at least two points when seen next to her friend.

  • “excuse me… But do you have a ballsack hanging from you chest?”

  • What’s the thing in the middle of her boobs? Is that part of her chest? Is more of her trying to escape along with her tiddies?

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  • The same friend that did her weave.

  • hahaha her chest looks like mastiff jowls. What’s going on with her leg there? how do you wipe with nails like that?

  • My eyes don’t understand.

  • Look, somebody stop screwing around and *tell us what that thing is.* Does everybody know but me?

  • You telling you ve never seen a proud, shaven chestnut?

  • When u try to tuck your penis in your waistband

  • That’s not where testicles are supposed to be.

  • The kind that wants to be the better looking of the two. Better chance of finding a man being compared to someone less attractive. I think. Is that how that works?

  • Fucking ugly flapjacks.

  • Dem floppy titties

  • It looks like she has a boob Quato.

  • Her tits have resting bitch face

  • Her chest looks like, if a ballsack and a vagina did the fusion dance.

  • The kind of friend whose wearing the not as ugly- but still ill fitted- red ‘dress’ besides her.

  • Bottom right had me like


  • A bad friend

  • That belongs on an ouija board

  • What am I looking at?


  • AYO! so you b sayin dat we wuz galaga n shit?

  • Don’t these women own a fucking mirror?

  • 1. The friend right there to her right.
    2. Take a good look at her face and tell me she in the mood for some constructive criticism.

  • Doesn’t look like she’s wearing a bra.

  • Ohh, she is just -asking- for a triple nipple cripple

  • I don’t know but her friend is kinda hot.

  • What’s that dark stripe between the thing and the other thing?

  • I can’t tell if she looks like a Luxan or something Adult Swim gave a 13 episode order to.

  • Looks like something you can use to talk to star fleet.

  • i don’t understand fat people. they like to eat and be fat and that’s up to them but they can’t expect to be good looking too.

  • Looks like her chest is giving birth.

  • Is that Warblade?

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