What is this, ametuer hour?

What is this, ametuer hour?

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  • I was waiting for it to pan over to the guy with a keg and a chainsaw.

  • Some people will complain that this is a waste of beer but goddamn that minikeg exploding was glorious. That’s like an alcoholic moneyshot right there.

  • I found that weirdly impressive in a caveman sort of way.

  • I know he doesn’t stab himself in the hand, yet every loop I still cringe.

  • 97.3% of that keg dumped on the ground….

  • Now we need to pan right again have Dwayne Johnson catching a full sized keg, opening it with a logging axe.

  • Amateur.

    The word is Amateur.

  • if porn has taught me one thing, it’s how to spell the word amateur.

  • They got nothing on Billy Buck Rosco.

    [Saturdays are for the Boys](https://youtu.be/C-CjjcoTZ20)

  • Where did that piece of wood come from?!?!?!

  • TFM on reddit. What is this?

  • ameteur/10 spelling OP


  • Fucking pledges splillin their beer all over the ground

  • [🇺🇸SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS🇺🇸](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C-CjjcoTZ20)

  • USA: The Movie.

  • Now that’s how you do a kegel.

  • > ametuer

    > **ametuer**

    > #**ametuer**

    *Frenchman tilt intensifies*

  • I thought the mini keg was going to shoot shrapnel right into his dick.

  • I never thought I would see this day.

    This is it people. We found the guy who doesn’t watch porn.

    Hail OP.

  • “White people have no culture”

  • You vs the guy she told you not to worry about

  • Let me tell you what I hope

    That was day 1 of their week long camping trip.

    Day 5

    They’re out to beer

    Everyone is like “fucking Jack”

  • I am thoroughly fucking impressed but Jesus it looked like there was A LOT of pressure in the minikeg. Like enough to blow that hatchet into his leg. What a fuckin barbarian.

  • r/titlegore

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