What I learned playing in solo queue in Overwatch

What I learned playing in solo queue in Overwatch

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  • In a nutshell, don’t forget widow for consoles.

  • Is everyone going to make a variant of this meme?

  • But seriously one decent shot from hanzo on a focus target usually seals the deal. It’s the hanzos who don’t focus and just sit in the back lobbing at randoms are the ones that hurt the team.

  • Can someone explain why hanzo is hated? Is he op or trash?

  • At least three of those will still get you shit if you don’t have a golden gun for them.

  • Mcree isn’t that good nowadays unless the enemy is retarded and hanzo is pretty strong in the meta with the scatter.

  • I hate this meme already.

  • This new meme format sucks.

  • No not Genji !!!!

  • I don’t care who you pick if your pick is working for the match.

  • The truth is, if you can play a character well and it fits in with the team, any character is viable.

    On paper hanzo is the most overpowered character in the game. 10 seconds of wallhacks every 29 seconds and an almost guaranteed 1 hit kill every 10 or so. He can also theoretically kill the entire team by pressing left click 6 times. The problem is that hanzo is extremely difficult to play, aim and positioning. Unless it’s changed since I last looked, the number 1 player in the world, Wraxu, is a hanzo main.

  • First I hear people complain about bastion, then people complain about roadhog, now hanzo? Did they get patched or something now people move on to complain about the next character?

  • As a bastion main I can say with certainty that this is not always true.

  • Perfection.

  • I’ll take a good Hanzo over a good Bastion any day of the week.

  • Can’t wait for this meme to die.

  • Bastion?

  • It’s high noon…

  • I would take Hanzo over Bastion

  • Did I miss something? Is my beloved Junkrat accepted all of a sudden?

  • I hate gengis with every fiber of my being.

  • I’m really impressed symmetra made the cut. From my experience people are not always happy to see symmetra.

  • Always have a buddy to team up and play with, or at least decent team communication (hard to come by in my experience) or you will get raped. Overwatch is basically like how COD or MMORPGs are played now in the sense that everyones off just doing their own thing, fuck teamwork.

  • I’m offended that my main Mei wasn’t included in this

  • You’ve triggered me. Hanzo is great.

  • I don’t play overwatch but what is wrong with hanzo? OP or something?

  • Where is Torb?

  • Can’t wait for this meme to die.

  • I played plague for the first time today. I named my plague Hanzo. Everyone died.

  • This is why I prefer TF2 over OW. Not cuz TF2 is better or anything (that’s another topic for another time) but cuz of the atmosphere.

    Like in League if you die, you and your team are heavily penalized for your mistake resulting in a flame war or unnecessary activation of try-hard mode. In casual in TF2 nobody really care what you do so you have more freedom (of course if you’re the 5th sniper or spy, you need to rethink for your team) you can use wacky load out and have all the fun you want.

    If any of you like some of that competitive fire then it’s fine. But to me, video games should be a place to relax (a sanctuary if you may call it that). And if I reach a point where I have to pull my hair out and my adrenaline pumping in my heart just to win, then there’s something wrong with my game. I had 400 hours on OW, not a lot, but I think it’s not a very fun environment since I can’t meet more than 10 players at once.

    PS: I know i might seems a little bias but again, opinions are just opinions, you’re free to judge it, but don’t judge me as a person for it. Thanks and have fun.

  • 🙁

  • Is this some kind of new meme format?

  • Except for Roadhog.

  • As a bastion main in low diamond, i can assure people hate me playing “whatever i want”

  • Except for Sombra, she’s terrible.

  • It’s ok to have either Hanzo or Widow on the team on qp. However, if we have both, I think that would be counterproductive.

  • It’s pretty easy to lead the team in enemy hero damage as hanzo. Don’t know where all the hate comes from when he clearly contributes

  • Not sure how is the situation on PC but after a year of playing the game on PS4 and reaching my career high 3420 i would say blackwidow is the by far the worst hero of all. At least with Hanzo case, u might be able to encounter great Hanzo players at high SR but with widow, she is always shit with an ult that is useless for the most part.

  • is that ying?

  • Hanzo main because that is what is asked of me.

  • I was in a mid-plat competitive match on Volskaya and my team actually SUGGESTED I use Hanzo. I was surprised, to say the least. Worked out pretty well though.

  • No Mei is not okay

  • My boi Winston is in there, thanks you !

  • Hanzo is fine, get off the hate bandwagon

  • this has a month in my country about elections and u call it a freshh memme

  • I like Hanzo got one of my biggest kill streaks with him. Definitely not any of my mains but I do like to use him on certain maps

  • Pfft Sylvannas and Greymane destroy those plebs.

  • Is this going to become a meme now? Ugh. 🙁

  • Bastions are just awful for payload games, especially when they just sit in turret mode on top of the payload all game. Blizzard really needs some sort of time limit for that damn ability.

  • This is such a shit tier meme. I’m actually getting annoyed by how frequently I’m seeing it.

  • this meme format sucks

  • Fuck


  • Barely relevant question: Is there a name for this meme?

  • I don’t know how you did it but this is worse than the one on the front page

  • Okay, i’ve never played Overwatch, but i’ve heard the “Hanzo mains” meme. Whats the deal with that? Is Hanzo just not good or something?

  • The most frustrating have to be D Va, Roadhog and Hanzos. Every time I queue into a game with a D Va I know it will be a shitty match

  • Is this the new thing that people beat into the ground?

  • So this is a meme now

  • What is this meme…

  • The reason why I liked TF2 community better, if someone wants to be the arrow guy, let him. Its all fun and games. not mention Overwatch hurt itself designing the game around 6 players per team. Too much emphasis is placed on any one person causing this community obsession with meta.

  • I’m a proud Hanzo main.

  • Bro a good hanzo can carry the team.

  • Hanzo and Widow are solid picks for sustained damage. Especially if the other team just decides to ignore you, which, for some odd reason, I see happen way too much. Their see through walls abilities are great for choke points. Even on console were accuracy is less precise, it both the snipers are more than capable of doing enough to help the team.

    The only people I dislike in this game, are ones who don’t change if our current strategy doesn’t work. They don’t even have to be in team chat, but if they are getting owned or healers are having a hard time staying alive, they need to be willing to change to see if we can do something else. I don’t care what people pick as long as they make an attempt to help the team.

  • Lost a comp game, the hanzo main on are team, bitched at everyone the whole time, So i fired back, commenting on how swell of a guy he was. Now most of you wouldn’t know this, but I have a speech impediment, It makes me sound stupid imo, but anyway he felt the need to belittle me, by calling me retarted, because i sound funny… Now I am a 21 year old, so I can for most part handle people like this, especially those who like to poke at how I sound, but lately I’m just not enjoying comp as much anymore, maybe its just bad luck of queuing up with toxic players, who knows, but for now I think I’m just gonna stick to qp and arcade.

  • so Widow’s fine. good to know.

  • *WHOM

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