Well the good news is, we don’t have a mouse problem any more…

Well the good news is, we don’t have a mouse problem any more…

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  • Thought it was about to open the fridge to keep the mouse fresh.

  • Where do you live, so I know never too go there?

  • Welp, we had some good memories in this house didn’t we? *grabs gasoline*

  • Nice job, spiderbro.

  • You’re scared of mice and spiders, but oh-so-much greater is your fear that one day the two species will cross-breed to form an all-powerful race of mice-spiders who will immobilize human beings in giant webs in order to steal cheese.


  • Fuuuuuck that

  • I would honestly 100% seriously rather have a mouse problem.

  • Fuck all that

  • The bad news is you have to burn your house down.

  • Stock standard Australian Huntsman with lunch. lol

    Highly doubt the spider overpowered/killed the mouse tho, mouse tail’s pretty stiff if look closely.

    Huntsman spider’s body are pretty fragile and be a struggle to take on such an opponent. Mouse spiders/Funnelwebs couple other species will catch them and over power them but not many.

    More likely the spider ‘found’ the body somewhere, and he/she is now taking it to somewhere better concealed so can have a feed in peace and quiet.

  • Oh just what I want to see on my fridge. The dead being dangled like a puppet by the fucking undead.

    And you can forget taking a boot to the thing. Unless you want your kitchen to turn into the prom scene from Carrie, spider and mouse parts galore.

    At this point it’s best to just surrender and watch the spider nibble on the mouse for the next 6 hours.

  • You have 99 problems, but a mouse aint one

  • Maud, git out the shotgun!

  • Thought it was a large cricket or cockroach at first..and then I realised… NOPE

  • Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

  • Feck that’s horrifying

  • And that’s when my house goes up for sale

  • nope^nope^nope^nope^nope^nope^nope^nope^nope^nope^nope

  • Please someone tell me this is in Australia

  • alright what the fuck nature

  • There’s only one way to be truly safe.

    #Burn it all.

  • Everything about this makes me want run to away… from the fire…

  • Aw fuck. I couldn’t tell what animal/being that was, then I realized it was the spider, being big enough, to actually hold the MOUSE. Fuck that.

  • Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
    Does whatever a spider can
    Spins a web, any size,
    Catches thieves just like flies
    Look Out!

  • I was thinking you’d have to introduce a bird to eat the spider, but maybe you’d better just skip to a cat or a dog…

  • Fuck you nature.

  • *insert clip of Will Smith from Legend pointing and screaming “No! No!”*

  • Burn the house down!

  • Huntsman spiders are rad. They’re hell chill and mind their own business as long as you mind yours. Had one fall on me in the shower recently but we still tight.
    Cheers Gary ya legend.

  • Omg that’s freaky as fk

  • Since I’m allergic to cats, I guess this is an alternative to any mouse problems…

  • did anyone else see that stain on the fridge and think it was blood from the mouse smearing off of it?

  • I’m not afraid of spiders or mice, but this would mess me up. Just nope.

  • This is most likely Australia where mammals are below all insects and arachnids on the food chain

  • The good news is we’re moving out.

  • Correction: you don’t have a RAT problem anymore.

    A mouse would be an appetizer to that massive spider.

  • Must be in Australia. Every time I see something like this, it’s Australia.

  • Well, hope you weren’t too attached to that house.

  • I’d rather have s mouse problem. Much more manageable.

  • Nope

  • Chill ya’ll, Wikipedia sez it’s cool.

    “They have been known to inflict defensive bites, but are not widely regarded as dangerous to healthy humans. Huntsman spiders are widely considered beneficial because they feed on insect pests such as cockroaches and crickets.”

  • If I had spiders bigger than mice, I would welcome my mouse friends.

  • Bad news is the house burnt down.

  • Burn the house. No mercy. Never return.

  • “Hey bro, just gonna grab a beer real quick….. aw man thats some realistic magnet, i hella thought it was real…..

    i’ve decided i no longer want anything from your fridge or your house ever again.”

  • Kill it with fire !

  • Don’t have a house either because, burned down.

  • Oh Jesus god no

  • Time to burn the house down and start anew.

  • 76/24 iron/alluminum. Thermite fixes all problems.

  • [nope](/r/nope)

  • Good spider.

  • And there is no bad news.

  • I know it’s just a blurry mess of a gif but it still has the power to give you the shivers.

  • Awwww he’s like a cat and wants you to check out his kill.

  • fuck………..

  • /u/stabbot

  • r/anormaldayinaustralia

  • Gotta love the fucking auto play! Cheers reddit app.

  • After seeing that, I would rather have mice.

  • But now your house in on fire. Difficult.

  • What kind of spider is that?

  • People are quick to say Australia, but I’m from southern California and I just assumed it was a desert spider from here

  • That’s when it’s time to burn the house down and start over.

  • Congratulations with your mouse problem! It’s a damn shame you have to burn your house down now ๐Ÿ™

  • How strong is that spider to hold the mouse vertically?

  • Where is this on earth so I can avoid it by any means necessary. Plz & Ty.

  • r/natureismetal

  • Now you have insomnia.

  • Now you have worst problem… huge ass rat killing spider problems

  • Didn’t even need to look at the comments; I know this is Australia.

  • I saw a squirrel carrying a dead chipmunk the other day. Squirrels are carnivores now?

  • Fuck me

  • Awwww look at the cute spiderbro doing you a solid and getting rid of pests ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The Word’s Most Interesting Mousetrap.

    But still freaky as hell on several levels. How the hell does a spider stick to a wall with all that extra *weight*?! 8-|

  • I argue that your problem is worse now

  • So a mouse fucked a spider and now youโ€™re left with this problem..

  • I live in the north of England, I think I might be on the edge of their range.

  • Nope

  • This has to be friggin Australia with its devil bugs.

    Edit: friggin grammar

  • This gives me SUCH anxiety

  • That huntsman is being a bro!

  • Holy shit.

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