• Did he go AS Ron?

  • Truly Ron Weasley. He looks like he was dressed in his older brothers clothes.

  • To be fair, that was somehow fashion in the early 2000

  • This outfit is both very early 2000s and very clearly picked out by mum and I love everything about it.

  • Born to play Ron Weasley for sure.

  • *smells* like my great aunt Tessie!

  • Rupert’s Mom: “Honey, what do you want to wear to the premier tonight?”

    Rupert: “Green.”

  • He was like 12….

  • I just love the idea of Rupert Grint. A nice kid with ‘fuck you’ money driving around in an ice cream truck and having fun with life.

  • Red hair, hand me down robes, you must be a Weasley.

  • r/streetwear

  • everybody looked like this in 2001. even at formal events.

  • I love it how playing the same characters during all of their childhood somewhat molded the actors who played the main trio.

    Dan became a good-hearted jock who loves his friends and is definitely brave (Equus was a bold move).

    Emma became a cute intellectual bookworm and an outspoken champion for equal rights.

    And Rupert became an adorable goof who lives a simple life and decided to become an ice cream man even though he became a millionaire.

    It’s like my three favorite chidhood characters have left fictionland to leave in the same world as me. It’s awesome.

  • Looks like he was shopping at Kanye’s.

  • There’s no spell for giving a fuck.

  • Dont think people really cared in early 2000s

  • Look how happy he looks. That’s the face of a man who just had his first drag of weed.

  • Nothin wrong with that. It’s just everybody else who was overdressed.

  • “I thought we were going to the movies! I didnt know we were supposed to dress up!”

  • Aww haha but look how proud he looks!

  • Rupert showing up in a full Kanye outfit

  • Now I know where Kanye got the inspiration

  • Who ever said ‘Red and green should never be seen’?

    Good on him for showing his Slytherin side

  • 50 Shades of Green

  • ron looking like angelena anaconda or some shit lmao the fuck is wrong with his skin

  • Yes, but he wears red hair. He don’t need anything else.

  • Confirmed: Rupert Grint is the Ginger Green Ranger

  • with a net worth of $50 million who gives a fuck?

  • I think he’s wearing every shade of green

  • Ah! The guy you kept his pre-fame promise. Bought the ice cream truck, he did.

  • Still not as bad as Emma Watson’s tbh

  • If Kanye wore that exact thing today, that hoodie would sell for $250 tomorrow. The outfit is actually pretty standard streetwear now

  • What’s wrong with this..?

  • He looks like a Rupert

  • Don’t be awful, the Weasley’s didn’t have much money to go around at the time.

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