Welcome to the family little floof.

Welcome to the family little floof.

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  • Does this cute floof have a name? Or is it little floof? Either way, what an adorable pup!

  • Duck Tolling Retrievers are the best dogs! I have two – and they are my best friends.

  • Is that a nova scotia toller??

  • This whole subreddit makes me want to skip this part of my life and go straight to the part where I’m financially and mentally stable, with a job and a house and a dog.


  • now we need a pic of her doing the sploot

  • What breed is that? If you don’t mind me asking

  • Toller?

  • That face is going to get you out of a lot of trouble there Lucy

  • Their brains need occupying more than their bodies.

    My dogs get exercised twice a day, about half an hour each, during which we play flyball, fetch, and catch with a tug toy (a piece of rabbit fur on a long rope that I swing and they have to catch.) They also have access to a garden and plenty of toys, and I have three children so they get lots of affection.

    A bored Toller is naughty and disobedient; a stimulated Toller is attentive and eager to please.

    I just realised I wasn’t specific in my answer:

    A long walk of about 4-6 miles off the lead is enough for a day – but it must be off the lead and give them an opportunity to run at full tilt as much as possible, following trails and stuff.

  • How cute! I just want to give her a head and chest scratch!

  • What a cute marshmallow!

  • Body by Ganz.

  • She is lovely! What are your plans with her? Family pet or specific activity/sports too?

  • Look at those hoofs! That’s going to be a well built dog.

  • Sitting pretty like a good girl.

  • Cutes overload

  • Those TOES!

  • Omg so cyoooot

  • Killer cuteness!

  • What a little chubbo! I love her

  • Nah i’m not buying it, too perfect to be real

  • lol aww she’s a cute little fluffball, look at those eyes. Good luck turning her down for food.

  • Aww man! Now I want a floof-a-nutter! Or a floof-a-pupper?

  • Oh my goodness.. So cute

  • So sweet puppy.. Love this one. watch & share your **[cutie cats pictures](https://www.reddit.com/r/cutiecat/)**

  • so cute good puppy

  • Those toes!!

  • OMG totes adorbs!!!

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