We don’t own a cat.

We don’t own a cat.

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  • He’s a neighborhood teenage cat that visits the garden frequently and the house occasionally. We call this one Ned, and he’s dopey as fuck but we love him all the same.

  • We had a yellow labrador retriever. We came home one night and had two yellow labs lounging on the kitchen floor. Apparently, a neighbor saw the other one running around the yard, opened our door and let him in, thinking he was ours. We did find his real home the next day, one street over, but it’s disconcerting to come home to extra family members.

  • Well….you do now.

  • Nobody really “owns” a cat. That’s not how cats work.

  • Right. The cat owns you.

  • /r/notmycat

  • His facial expression shows that he knows this is not his house.

  • I is in ur turntable, mixin fresh beets.

  • He must like your music! Must have a lot of purr-cussion!

  • >We [didn’t] own a cat.


  • Is that a purr amplifier for your Stereophonic system? Or is it your meowcrophone input?

  • Little bastard 🙂

  • No one “owns” a cat. They choose who they live with and allow to feed them. That’s the best thing about a cat. If you have one, you are the chosen one. High praise indeed!

  • You do now.

  • He likes coming to visit, so you are part owner. Enjoy.

  • Ah the good old rent-a-cat.

  • Disc jockey cat is into hip hop, enjoys scratching records on the turntable.

  • He is one hella handsome cat.

  • You do now!

  • And now you do.

  • Now you do

  • You do now. You are the chosen one.

  • Correct. Cat owns you.

  • You do meow 🐱

  • But you own a turntable? Cats are much more common.

  • nah the cat i think thinks it owns you in this case

  • I have those same speakers

  • I have those same damn speakers.

  • yes… you are correct. the cat owns you .

  • Cat owns you.

  • That’s how you get a cat.

  • No one owns cats….they own you.

  • No one owns a cat OP.
    Cat own us.

  • Yea, you just got chosen, sorry! I would recommend pine kitty litter because it can be flushed.

  • … the cat owns you?

  • Of course, it owns you.

  • Wait isn’t that how one gets a cat? I thought they just showed up one day

  • Didn’t*

  • Tbf nobody OWNS a cat. Cat owns you.

  • Right, you DON’T own a cat.

    Cat owns YOU.

  • now you do

  • ..but apparantly a cat owns you

  • No, it owns you.

  • Yeah your right OP….you don’t own a cat…A Cat owns you

  • The cat owns you

  • Indeed. You are owned *by* a cat.

  • Correct, he owns you,

  • I was going to say, “What the hell are you doing in his house, then?”

  • 🙂 Must be something that only looks like one but isn’t one.

  • Nobody “owns” a cat. A cat chooses to live with you.

  • No person owns a cat… cats own you.

  • Nobody does, the cat owns you

  • One of our cats adopted three different neighbours, they all made him a special bed and fed him. Was useful when we went on holiday!


  • Own is a big word. It’s mutual. More of a cohabitant or roommate. Friendly enough, tho

  • Yours is the worst I’ve seen in quite a while.

  • Trash pandas in their natural environment.

  • Yes you do

  • No one owns a cat. They own you.

  • Cat owns you.

  • *Nobody* owns a cat.

    The cat owns the human.

  • Cats own you.
    But Ned is a slut.

  • Correct. You are owned by a cat.

  • Nobody _owns_ a cat.

  • [deleted]

  • Why do people let their animals roam?

    It’s pretty shitty having to clean other people’s cat’s shit out of my garden daily

  • r/creepy

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