We Do Not Have a Child Slave Colony on Mars: NASA

We Do Not Have a Child Slave Colony on Mars: NASA

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  • That’s exactly what someone with a child slave colony on Mars would say.

  • >This, according to Steele, is a form of pedophilia, which is, again, performed on 20-plus year old kids.

    Ah yes, the most sinister form of pedophilia of them all.

  • Why does a serious entity like NASA give legitimacy to Alex Jones by responding?

  • So the Moon landings were fake but NASA has been able to send humans to Mars for decades. Gotta love the consistency of the conspiracy theorist.

  • I’m just wondering what they do with the blood and bone marrow that they get from the kids.

  • Do you want Pizza-gateers storming NASA?
    Cause thats how you get Pizza-gaters storming NASA.

  • I’m choosing to believe this whole thing is satire

  • >human gopher

    Why am I laughing so hard

  • >You see, 666 is a doubling of 33. And 33 is pi

    Another quote from Alex Jones.

  • Is this about the Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans? It is fictional

  • In other news, a new poll is out showing 22% of Americans think NASA has a child slave colony on Mars.

  • Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig likes it.

  • Why does this man have any sort of following whatsoever? Gay frogs? ( also – did you know swans can be gay?) – Fake elementary school shootings and this?

  • NASA built a Ping-Pong Pizza on Mars?!

  • I would *honestly* be impressed?

  • …yet.

  • If they never planned to put child slave camps there then why exactly did NASA invent Mars? Checkmate.

  • We do not have a child slave colony on Mars…. Yet!?!

  • “If its been officially denied then it’s probably true”.

  • Why give this seemingly idiotic wanker any air time?! :/

  • It’s currently a robot colony world

  • They’re probably turning them gay too.

  • Looks like kony has been on Mars all along

  • Unfortunate news, i was hoping for a return to the 99 cent iPhone upgrade..

  • I wonder what its like to be a dedicated audience member of infowars and such. How do these people not reject at least some of these stories and then go down the rabbit whole from there. Surely nobody can shrug these off as a misstep and continue with the lunacy unaffected.

  • What if someday Alex Jones theories all are proven 100% true…

  • Jeezes. Does *anybody* still take Alex Jones seriously?

  • I love how the exact same people who say we’ve never been to the Moon claim we have a slave colony on Mars.

    Also there is no ISS but the photos from ISS prove there are aliens.

    Breathless stupidity.

  • That sounds like something that a person concealing their child slave colony would say

  • Probably a Trump supporter who thinks they do

  • Mars could be the new Australia.

  • And the funny thing is we actually need the Russian Soyuz to get our astronauts to and from the Space Station.

  • Im glad there paying the kids a fair wage

  • We don’t? NASA lied to us. China does have a child slave colony on Mars. We’re losing, people!

  • Super adventure club went to mars.

  • We have never been to space.

  • This totally could be true as the theory of relativity. See, if the kids are in a space ship circling the Sun at near the speed of light, their age on the space/time continuum slows while Earth time speeds up, relatively speaking, so the kids could get the Mars as child slaves to work in subterranean Martian muck mines yet, here on the prison planet, people just like us would have seen their conspiracies age 20 years during the interplanetary trip.

  • Do they admit it. By denying child labor they accept adult slave labor.


  • Holy bias Batman! I understand that this kind of subject is extremely difficult to remain unbiased on, but journalism is supposed to be unbiased. Biased journalism is rampant in today’s media and it causes shit storms that would have been avoidable had everyone just given the facts and let the viewer decide for themselves. Sensationalism and egocentrism are the enemies of freedom of thought. The media these days controls the way people think by omitting certain facts and presenting other less credible facts as hard evidence. It hurts viewers and is killing this country because one man realized how to play the media just right.

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