Warner Bros. Retitles Prehistoric Shark Movie to ‘The Meg’

Warner Bros. Retitles Prehistoric Shark Movie to ‘The Meg’

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  • How about *Jurassic Shark*?

  • Stupid title aside, I’ll see anything with giant monsters. So this movie seems right up my alley.

    Rainn Wilson and Jason Statham are in this movie too, so that helps.

  • Shut up Meg

  • There’s a bunch of *Megaladon* and *Megshark* SyFy channel movies. I imagine they don’t want to be associated with those.

  • I actually enjoyed the books. Hoping this will be a good B movie.

    I think *Meg: Deep Terror* might have made a better, updated title though

  • So Jaws, except with a really, really big shark?

  • Goddamn that shark fin is like what a Megaladon would call a Megaladon. It’s way bigger than it’s absurdly large size already!

  • If Samuel L Jackson doesn’t show up and get eaten by this big ass shark I’m going to be seriously pissed

  • The NutMeg

  • Well that just sounds stupid. Are they not allowed to call it *Megalodon*? Matter of fact, why are we still demonizing sharks when they kill [fewer people than cows?](http://abcnews.go.com/Health/shark-versus-cow-deadlier/story?id=24931705)

  • They should have called it “Mega”.

  • Either title sucke for the general public who don’t know what a megalodon is. Just it Big Fucking Shark.

  • Drop the “The.” Just “Meg.” It’s cleaner.

  • The Meg?…………… Shut up Meg.

  • I just don’t find a shark that big as scary as Jaws.

  • Where’s The Fonz when you need him.

  • Oh boy, I wonder if Ruby Rose will be playing the same character she’s been playing for the last few years.

  • This movie sounds awful. I’ll be there opening day

  • If I it doesn’t take itself too seriously without turning into the next Sharknado, this might actually be a fun movie. The book is enjoyable Crichton lite.

  • They should just name it ‘The Movie Where Statham Punches a Shark’, because that’s what it’ll always be to me.

  • Wondering if they’re teeing this up so they can throw in a ‘Meg’ cameo with the King Kong/Godzilla movie

  • Shut up, meg

  • Fuck this website. On mobile it loads a bunch of scam sites and ads

  • This movie has been in Development hell for like a decade at least

  • > What no one could have imagined is that, years before, Taylor had encountered this same terrifying creature.

    Oh I dunno that seems fairly predictable.

  • Hueh?

  • With these guys we would’ve ended up with “The Jaws.”

  • Megala-who?

  • Awesome. Sounds like a rom-com now, I’m sure this will do really well.

  • The Meg: A Really Big Shark, I’m not kidding, this shark is mother fucking huge!

  • Yes, because the name is the downfall of this project…

  • Damn it Meg!

  • I didn’t read the article but I’m sure Jason Statham changed. Imagine him saying “meg” compared to “the Meg”

  • I have an irrational fear of the ocean and sharks. Considering the cast of this movie I am going to go see it regardless of how bad I am sure its going to be.

    One thing I do hope for is that they dont show much of shark, just a giant shadowy unknown terrorizing and murdering things. Really add to the fear of the dark ocean.

  • Ughhhhh, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • At least it’s Li Bing Bong and not Jing Tian

  • If and when that movie comes out I can only see hords of peter griffins going to the theaters, disappointingly saying “shut up Meg”

  • whew cant wait for their killer mammoth movie…

    The Mast…

  • Why not just call it Megalodan?

  • Meg? As in, Meg Ryan?

  • A shark that big really wants to eat something as small as humans ?

  • After the book they’re basing it on, I’m sure. Steve Alten. Decent story, should be fun.

  • >What no one could have imagined is that, years before, Taylor had encountered this same terrifying creature.

    My mind instantly went to Moby Dick.

  • Please, Mega-la-DONT

  • [HahahahHhahahahAHhAAHhAhhHAHhHhHhHAhahahahHAhahAHahAhahhAhahAHahHAhAhAhahahahahahahahAHAhAhHAhahAHhAHHAHAHahahahahahahahAHAAHaHA!!!](https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/417727127119618049/OOKfLm6o_400x400.jpeg)

  • I’ve wanted a high budget movie about Megalodon for so long. I’m fucking hyped about this.

    Has Cliff Curtis and Rainn Wilson as well? Fuck yeah I’m pumped

  • Can change the name as much as they want, I’ll still make the Family Guy…

    “Shut Up Meg”

  • Get Gerard butler in this because why not or even better Billy Zane shit I can throw people’s at this all night long Ryan Reynolds would be an inspired choice as would Karl urban…. Wait Statham is in this is never dream of taking work from the man add the rock and I can see him trying to punch the shark to death lol

  • [deleted]

  • Shark should be named Harvey Weinstein.

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