Vertical farming is revolutionizing how food is grown in America

Vertical farming is revolutionizing how food is grown in America

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  • No, it isn’t. Extensive agriculture is continuing the revolution that started after WWI.

  • They have been saying this for years now. However, the energy costs (cooling and lights) are way higher than regular farming and appropriate real estate is very expensive. Combined with heavy subsidies on regular farming this approach is not yet feasible unless governments actively support it. Countries like Singapore, who depend on other nations for energy, water and food, are actively investing in these technologies.

  • Also note: it’s not practical at this time to grow staple crops (rice, wheat, corn, potato, soy) this way. It’s an interesting way to grow leafy greens (lettuce, herbs), but we won’t be seeing cities become self sufficient in terms of food production any time soon.

  • The flaw is, this doesnt get used to produce new seed stocks. It would be best served growing pineapples and dragon fruit.

  • [Enough with the vertical farming fantasies: There are still too many unanswered questions about the trendy practice](

  • question for anyone who might know: do hydro-ponic plants have an equal amount of nutrition and minerals in them as those grown organically in top notch soil?

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