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  • I volunteered at my office because I got tired of the fridge. I put a note up Monday and said anything in here Friday after 3pm is going in the trash.

    Got a lot a flack at first about stuff being thrown away. My answer was “why don’t you volunteer to do it?” Now amazingly the fridge practically cleans it’s self by 3pm on Fridays.

  • Yah, that’s the way it works at my job–you bring it up, you fix it. You’re crazy to think anyone will volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts–don’t think anyone *has* a heart…

  • Classic r/DunderMifflin

  • “No no no, I’m much too busy making signs”

  • It’s like overwatch “we need a tank! Switch from junkrat” “you switch”

  • As I say to everyone who tries this passive aggressive bs, “Be the change you wish to see”.

  • Guys we need a healer

  • “Somebody get a sponge!”

  • Should’ve signed it “Thank you, Management” then it would be much more clear.

  • If you have time to type and print, you have time to squat and rinse

  • We have this problem at my office. Whoever put the “maybe you should clean it” is wrong. I keep 1 bottle of pop in there. I don’t bring in leftovers and leave it in there for 2 months. I don’t bring in a giant tub of some spice leave it open and never use it. If you bring something in… eat it. Wash the dish and take it home. How hard is that?

  • I ain’t cleaning shit out of a fridge that has an “Upstate New York Poison Center” magnet on it.

  • I’m not cleaning a fridge with a sticker with a skull on it.

  • Workplace refrigerators are Exhibit A as to why communism will never work.

  • Sincerely,

  • This is like the office episode about the microwave

  • Easy to say this person should do it, but usually when it gets to this point, the woman that has cleaned it the last 10 times is the one putting up the sign. Yes it’s usually a woman, because we men will just stop using the fridge before we clean it.

  • “It smells like popcorn”

  • Reminds me of the ending of [this scene]( from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    “Somebody get a sponge!” “I don’t understand. Why don’t *you* get a sponge?”

  • It is best if a manager cleans it, that way no one can complain that you threw out their stuff.

    With that said, I will throw out anything growing obvious mold. Ewww.

  • Maybe they’ve cleaned it the last 8 times and want someone else do their share.

  • Sincerely – Disappointed

  • unplug it at the end of the day and leave the door open, then call in sick/be tardy the next day.

  • r/notmyjob.

  • The amount of time it took for them to make those signs, they could’ve cleaned it together.

  • That’s what you get an intern for.

    Source: was an intern, had to clean out the fridge.

  • That first note sounds like someone volunteering to me

  • “So sick of this messy fridge!!!………but cleaning it is beneath my job title.Mkay”

  • Could someone switch to healer?

    Maybe you should.

  • Lololol

  • A while back, I had this roommate who didn’t clean anything, ever, to the point that it was actually hilarious to me in an odd, Melvillian way.

    Like they didn’t clean one object or item the entire year they lived at my place, not their gross hair out of the shower, not one dish they used, not even the abundance of bottles of “sea food sauce” that had long gone rotten after months of sitting half-used in the fridge. I never saw this person eat seafood once the entire year. In fact, the only food they ever had in the apartment was boxed mac and cheese, crackers, and canned soup. So what the seafood sauce was for, I’ll never know.

    The funniest detail, though, was the mugs. This person drank a lot of coffee, and so used many mugs. However, so that they wouldn’t have to wash them ever, they simply owned upwards of 50 mugs. When a mug got gross enough, they’d just throw it away. When they were low enough on mugs, they’d go to a thrift store and buy just dozens of mugs. It was insanity.

    But surprisingly, they’re not what this story is about.

    At the same time, I had another roommate who did what I call “rage cleaning,” i.e. coming home from work all pissed off about something and slamming things around in the kitchen for fifteen minutes or so in such a way that only on the rarest of occasions actually improved the cleanliness or organization of the kitchen. Regardless, the point was well received: **they were cleaning**!

    Only, they weren’t.

    About 6 months in, I started to get suspicious, so I tried an experiment.

    Up to this point, I’d been cleaning the apartment top-to-bottom every weekend (Rage Cleaning Roommate would leave every weekend.) for about 4 months. My thought was, if RCR cleans a little each day during the week, and I get us back to square 1 on the weekend, that’s fair, and it keeps the place tidy. But over time, I noticed the messes were worse and worse and took longer to clean. The jobs became monumental, 6-8 hour cleaning jobs, but I never received a thank you or any kind of acknowledgment from either roommate. In fact, RCR started to complain *incessantly* about any mess in the apartment and often sent me passive-aggressive or overly exaggerated complaints via text, like 2-3 times a week.

    So I stopped cleaning. In part to see what would happen, if either of them would take the initiative, or at least ask why I’d stopped, but also to find out if RCR was ever actually cleaning anything.

    They were not.

    The place got filthy — piles of dirty dishes in the sink, overflowing trash and recycling, rotten food everywhere in the fridge, hair all over the bathroom, dust, mildew, grime — you name it, we had it.

    I let this go on for a month, my plan being to just start cleaning every weekend again once I was sure that neither of them were doing anything. All I was after was some peace of mind. If they didn’t want to help, that’s fine, but I certainly wasn’t going to feel any guilt about making a mess or not cleaning enough, nor was I going to feel obligated to go out of my way for either of them for any reason, ever.

    Then I get this text from RCR at work one day, addressed to me and Seafood Sauce: “Can somebody else clean the apartment for once please. It’s disgusting.” Never have I experienced such rage. I was flush with rage, incensed, knuckles white as I tried not to crush my phone from anger. The nerve, right? The absolute fucking nerve.

    Since we both knew Seafood Sauce was a do-nothing, it was clear to whom the text was actually addressed, and it was clear to me that one of two things was happening: either RCR was straight-up gaslighting me, or they had deluded themselves into thinking they were actually contributing in a meaningful way.

    Either way, WTF?

    So now you’re probably asking, “So what’s the point? Did you exact some incredible, devious, creative revenge? Did you confront them and have it out? Were shots fired? Ambulances called?? What gives?!”

    Nope. I simply never answered her text and just went back to cleaning every weekend. Why? Because that was the absolute best revenge. Now I could laugh to myself every time RCR started banging around impotently like a maniac in the kitchen, I still had a clean apartment, and I didn’t have to answer any time RCR texted me with some passive-aggressive bullshit or outlandish complaint.

    After all, that was all I wanted in the first place: peace of mind. And damned if I didn’t get it.

  • Mother fucker had time to type print and tape the message to the fridge. Sounds like enough time to clean it out.

  • I choose you!

  • Response: “Hey, I’m just the facilitator.”

  • Two signs, made by morons.

    HR really failed here.

  • I give $10 to the intern to volunteer to clean it up.
    Every friday there was a line at my desk to see who could get beer money.

  • hey, it’s america

  • This reminds me of Overwatch when a dps asks can we get a healer. Maybe switch to a healer you turd.

  • Someone give this man gold.

  • This is my answer to every person who yells “Someone go Mercy. We need a Mercy!”

  • Can we just appreciate that this person took the time to sit down, type and print out this note asking someone else to clean up instead of actually doing it themselves

  • The cleaning crew at our office would just throw away whatever was left in there every Friday before 5pm. No passive-aggressive note arguments.

  • You see a problem, you own the problem.

  • Hate when people do this at my job. “Hey can you grab the phone?” Bitch why don’t YOU grab the phone, you hear it ringing too.

  • The person who printed the original sign is probably a boss/manager. Pretty standard behavior from my experience

  • “Maybe you should do it” is the prime line used by a coworker who doesn’t really want to do his/her own work. I understand that this fridge is a “volunteer” thing, but I’ve really come to hate that line.

  • This sign perfectly explains the military.

  • Get off your high horse richy

  • The fridge at my work continues to be a war between the office staff vs the staff that are out working all day.

  • What entitlement lol

  • At my last job I was the only one who would clean out the breakroom fridge and boy would I have loved to put one of these notes on it. But then it would never have been cleaned out again.


  • Well, if you’re going to go through the trouble of walking back to your desk to type and print out a sign, you may as well spend the 5 minutes dumping everything into the trash.

  • *office reference*

  • There’s a phone number listed on that fridge! I bet they do that stuff

  • Probably took longer to type and print that sign than it would have to clean the fridge.

  • This is how I feel anytime someone on Overwatch spams, “We need a healer”

  • How about maybe you chill

  • “I need **two** marines!”

    -“What for sir?”

    “I need **one** marine!”

  • This is s great response. I have imbeciles at work trying to get everybody else to do stuff they should be doing. No wonder people at work don’t get along.

  • Maybe i should clean you!

  • Every video game with a healer
    Teammate: “dude, someone needs to go healer”
    Me: “Maybe you should do it”

  • Everytime someone in overwatch says “We need a healer!”

  • Communism would so work!

  • If I cleaned everything else for the 100th time and no one else even lifts a finger, to the point that they expect you to clean like its your job, I would flip the fuck out at this snarky comment. I may actually take it and stuff it tightly into the opening of their shampoo bottle.

  • On my last day of work, I really had nothing to do… So I spent my final hours giving the fridge the clean of its life…. Everyone was surprised when they finished teaching…

  • One of the places I worked at had a very effective policy. Anything not a condiment got automatically thrown out by the cleaning staff after 6pm Friday. Didn’t matter if it was in your mothers nice corningware or a plastic bag. Six pm friday was Dump the fridge indiscriminately time.

  • I’m not THAT organized…

  • Anyone willing to wager money that the first sign was created by a woman and the response was a man

  • Is this how posting stuff on a board started

  • Overwatch ver: “Guys we need a healer…”

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