Unlicensed Halloween costume names.

Unlicensed Halloween costume names.

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  • My favorite has to be “aging my chemical romance fan”

  • These are magnificent. I lost it at Condescending Online Man.

  • Casual Jeb Bush?!!! Hahaa

  • “Nice hunger games costume!! ”


  • “Condescending internet man” had me crying

  • The “Heroine Diva” is spot on. I feel like that could have run in the credits of the movie and nobody would bat an eye.

  • Would Bernie Sanders do better or worse campaigning in that outfit?


  • And they’re all sold out of Female Libertarians!! Dammit! There goes Halloween…

  • I feel like they just Google translate the original names to Chinese and then back to English.

  • Of course the female libertarian is sold out. Everyone wants to be a libertarian.

  • Casual Jeb Bush ftw 😂😂

  • Shit, these are better than their real names.

  • “Great Steve!!!” – Better Future Bernie Sanders

  • Causal Jeb Bush

    I. Have. No. Words.

  • I have a dream of assembling an off-brand Star Wars costume. Things like “space princess wig” “brown hooded cloak” and “laser sword” that would result in an insulting mess, but damn I’d amuse myself.

  • I’ve actually seen a Beetlejuice knockoff costume titled “Juice Demon”, it’s great.

  • “female libertairian

  • [Not exactly Casual Jeb Bush.](https://imgur.com/a/u3aJP)

  • Who is the aging chem romance character? Is it a specific character from a movie?



  • This Halloween, I think there is going to be far more Rick Sanchez’s and even Summers than Mortys. A lot of “It” and Wonder Woman.

  • Dammit. Female libertarian is out of stock

  • I’ve actually thought about going as Mia Wallace before. But really? $50? For a long sleeve white dress shirt and black slacks? For the bustier and black wig and plunger in your chest, yeah, I guess so.

  • You had me at Juice Bug.

  • Low Energy Fred Flintstone

  • Except My Chemical Romance, Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders would have to be licensed…wouldn’t they?

  • 3% sale? lol

  • “Aging MCR Fan”, they’re not even wrong.

  • The “Female Libertarian” I read as “Female Librarian” at first. I was really confused on why she had a bow lol

  • I recently went to a party as super red plumber

  • Who is Heroin Diva supposed to be?

  • Toasted Oat Rounds. Fruit Dots. Crisp Rice. Fruity Rounds.
    Generic cereal names kill me.


  • Bernie Sanders one seems like a goldmine for a movie franchise.

  • *condescending online man* -I will hack your Minecraft server

  • Please clap

  • Haha. My wife is going as a “Female Libertarian” this year. Only hers is called “Skilled Archer”.

  • The Better Future
    Bernie Sanders
    Always gets me

  • Nice use of the “inspect” tool.

  • C a s u a l j e b b u s h

  • Can this be its own subreddit? Please?

  • Condescending Online Man… is coming for you

  • I actually want to watch a shitty knock-off film of “Juice Bug” now…

  • I recently came across a Prince Halloween costume named Purple Rockstar Man

  • Oh god they can get jobs as writers too!!

  • Some of these prices are ridiculous.

  • Where is Flying Rat Guy?

  • When did people just give up on Halloween having a scary theme?


  • r/crappyoffbrands

  • These are what shall call these things for now on

  • Condescending online man. Haha

  • Fake and unfunny

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