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  • The jittering/glitching camera effects kinda ruined it imo, it ruined the sense of space and drew me out from the atmosphere it was clearly trying to create. Maybe it fits better into the movie but just like this it ruins the pacing and feel

  • What is this from? It reminds me of the movie V/H/S/2

  • So am I the only person that watches possible jump scares with my peripheral vision? When I do that I never jump when something pops out at me. Ever. Anyone got an explanation for that?

  • Sarah for fucks sake i told you that you’re staying in the den until you quit the cocaine.

  • Me anytime someone tries to take my picture.

  • What kind of bills are they paying to be slamming into that door

  • Yea, I would be pissed too if some random person came into my house in the middle of the night filming.

  • Shit

  • These are the kind of movies that will end up on Mystery Science Theatre 3,000 in the future.

  • This reminds me of that scene in Marble Hornets when you first see Masky. I was watching it at work and nearly fell out of my chair.

  • Shit! I’ve been * S P O O P E D*!

  • I remembergoing to the theatre for Parannormal activity 1. It was the first time i´ve ever seen people actually stranding in line to get their money back. Still today one of the cheapest shittiest fucking movies i´ve ever seen. How did they make sequels to that crap remains one of the misteries i will never solve.

  • /r/creepy might as well be /r/pussy at this point.

  • Who wants to see a doland trump version of this?

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