Um, yeah, about that…

Um, yeah, about that…

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  • Flash backs of the baby penguin…..

  • you can see the sheep respawning so it’s fine

  • Where did this gif come from? The game isn’t out yet…

  • Another 10/10 game?

  • What game is this?

  • who the fuck uses


  • Please… draw me a sheep!

  • Congratulations you’ve managed to find an image host even shittier than imgur, I’m impressed.

  • That’s racist!

  • I wish the switch wasnt so expensive. I really want to get this game.

  • What Mario game is this?

  • This will be the best Mario game ever made!

  • Game: Super Mario Odyssey

  • Reminds me of anchorman

  • Which mario is this?

  • I can’t wait till this comes out.

  • You monster ;-;

  • This new Mass Effect:Andromeda DLC loom great!

  • Sheep can swim apparently

  • [Link]( for those who want the full video

  • which mario is this

  • It doesnt work for me 🙁


  • Just read about the guy throwing two dogs off a parking garage and then the next post is Mario kicking a sheep off a cliff.


  • This is the new version of the penguin and mother scenario from Super Mario 64

  • Shout out to Sheep Dog ‘n’ Wolf.

  • I don’t blame the player. They probably thought they could posses the sheep with the hat.

  • Yeah, uh… bummer. Heh. *nervously scratches head*

  • I can just hear Mario right after that dialogue: “Mama Mia”!

  • Bing bong bing bong bing bong . . .

  • What game is this?

  • [Link]( for those who want the full video

  • Why the hell is the game
    Title not posted? Shouldn’t it be a requirement to be able to post here ?

  • Love of childhood mario ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍

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