Uhh, a pie chart, I guess

Uhh, a pie chart, I guess

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  • There’s a lot of “that doesnt look exactly like an excel chart, dataisugly!” on this sub lately. That chart isnt a real pie chart, but it’s crystal clear what’s going on. In fact, I’d say the actual pie chart version would be unclear due to clutter when this one is pretty easy to read.

    The point of charts is to easily visualize data. Better than that is to easily display exact/comparable values. This one fails at the second as it’s hard to see exact percentages of all countries, but it’s about as good as any chart could get. This much data would only be clearer on a data table, but the chart is the best visualization I can think of.

  • I think this chart looks great not ugly at all.

  • This honestly belongs over in /r/dataisbeautiful. It is a fantastic way to represent this data.

    I swear, most subscribers to this sub have no idea what makes data ugly.

  • It looks like some cell under a microscope….

  • My only problem with it is that 10% percent of the chart is “other” and that seems like a large amount to be vague about.

  • I don’t like the way it jiggles 🤢

  • Jello charts

  • does the total economy remain constant?

  • What does Other mean? How is any country not part of a continent

  • source https://howmuch.net/articles/world-economy-as-a-living-organism

    in context it is intended to look something like a bunch of cells growing / contracting.

  • make the united states jiggle slice big again

  • I have no problem with this. Not ugly at all.

  • The hell??

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