‘Twin Peaks’ Is More Satisfying If You Stop Trying to Figure Out What It Means (spoilers in article)

‘Twin Peaks’ Is More Satisfying If You Stop Trying to Figure Out What It Means (spoilers in article)

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  • I’m pretty satisfied, and I’m reading any analysis I can find.

  • Nah. Half the fun with this kind of thing is trying to put meaning to it.

    What good is a mystery if you’re not trying to figure it out along the way?

  • I feel like all these article come off as unbelievably insecure and are assuming most viewers perspectives. Comes off as insulting.

  • Maybe its me, but I feel like the author is looking at Twin Peaks theories in a narrow view and missing the big picture.

    > as a conduit for more abstract ideas about the darker impulses invisible to society at large.

    In the end, so much of the enjoyment, be it trying to piece together the plot or an idea, is interpreting what we’re shown. If there wasn’t more to it, anyone could just show a bomb going off, slap on some funky visuals, followed by a gas station with various effects going on with smoke appearing and be a film genius. Maybe I’m missing something and this is all it takes to be a great film maker, which makes me question my career path, but I can’t help but feel the point is that people see something through the madness.

    So, if both sides are essentially doing the same thing, why is one more satisfying than the other? I mean, I would like answers, but I would be okay if Twin Peaks never outright gives me them. Even if I read theories or try to come up with my own, it isn’t a series I watched because I wanted to know things, but because the commercials made it look weird and interesting and that got me hooked, something that remains true with the new series.

  • tl;dR: shut up ‘n’ watch mindplebs and worker drones

  • I love David Lynch… paradoxically I didn’t watch Twin Peaks. Season 1, S2, Fire Walk with me – I know nothing about.

    I watched the first episode of the new season with the idea that it was new David Lynch.

    His movies – and this particularly – are about the journey, not the destination. It is about moment by moment, scene by scene. It is a work of art. If you worry too much about plot and what is going on you might go a little nuts.

    Mulholland Drive is an example of this. For those of us that like his stuff – that movie is amazing. But do a search and read through what people say that are trying to make any sense of it. No one can really agree what it is about.

    I simply can’t get enough of this new season.


    Anyone else think ‘the arm’ is supposed to be a mushroom cloud? He had a little cameo in the preceeding episode, then the latest episode they are showing the mushroom cloud….

  • Any show which requires this amount of post-modernist subjectivist nonsense to defend literally every aspect of itself means it is simply terrible. And by god Twin Peaks is terrible, especially this latest season.

  • Eh, I gave up on the third episode (of the new one). It just got no grounding, it feels like a pointless dream where anything can happen, there’s nothing at stake etc.

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