‘Twilight’ Creator Lands Supernatural Drama Series at Starz

‘Twilight’ Creator Lands Supernatural Drama Series at Starz

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  • It’s very unclear to me from this article what Stephenie Meyer’s involvement would be.

    She’s not writing, she’s not showrunning, she didn’t write the source material.

    It seems like she’s a producer along with four other producers. Is this a situation where her actual involvement is minimal, but her name is the headline because she’s famous?

  • i love supernatural genre, but it sounds totally like Blindspot merged with Torchwood and Underworld

  • The book series (well, there are only two out right now) are a ton of fun. I’m glad this is moving forward. It was announced at Hulu I think forever ago and I was worried they couldn’t afford the budget for it, but now I’m not worried.

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