Trying to stop a car doing donuts

Trying to stop a car doing donuts

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  • Any follow up on this?

  • Hard to say which was more stupid, the person doing the donuts or the guy who apparently wanted to glaze the donut.

  • This is definitely from the central valley of California. so many idiots out there

  • Why didn’t he just… Go?

  • A lose-lose situation for everybody involved 🙁

  • It’s the new hit show, *Man vs Car*

  • *sigh*

  • This is a guy I follow on instagram. Mercedes douche wasn’t trying to stop the donuts, he was cheering him on. You get as close to the car as you can and tap the spoiler or bumper as it comes past. Or you can ruin a perfectly good quarter panel for no reason. There’s a few videos from this summer of people getting hit, one heavier guy got thrown out of a truck bed when the tailgate flew off lol. Bay Area side shows, look them up.

    Edit: Here’s an account with it reposted. If I looked further maybe I could find the original.

  • The guy going donuts is a dick but the guy who gets hit is a fucking idiot.

  • r/nononono

  • Red car: “Just aint care”

  • That’s an idiotic thing to do… Look for that…

  • That’s a weird looking mustang

  • There’s a point where you can tell the driver sees the guy on the street and makes the conscious decision to keep going. Maybe he didn’t decide to actual hit the guy, but he definitely decided to not stop.

  • Sorry officer, I was doing donuts and this moron just walked right into the holy ring of fire.

  • He’ll feel that when he gets up.

  • I would’ve just made the right and called the police. Those are some stunted dipshits for sure but no use making it your problem any more than you need to.

  • Sick donuts aside from the possible attempt at murder

  • That went from misdemeanor to felony real quick.

  • Well someone’s daddy is gonna “sue your ass!”

  • Who has right-of-way in this situation?

  • If you keep watching it turns into an endless series of passengers getting out of the car only to be smacked to the side by a driver cursed to do donuts for eternity.

  • This looks like america, couldn’t he just shoot the guy doing the donuts?

  • Let’s be honest guys those are some top notch donuts

  • This is basically instant karma for putting yourself in a situation that could have easily been avoided.

    Also, don’t play in traffic…

  • Almost /r/perfectloops

  • Nice car control

  • We should be free of these people

  • It’s amazing how our parents always told us not to go in the middle of the street as children, and then as adults we just think “Nothing wrong with being in the middle of the road now that nothing has changed except my age”

  • When keeping it real goes wrong

  • Based on the backstory (Instagram video link) the guy that got hit wasn’t trying to stop the red car doing donuts. He was trying to be macho and slap the red car when it passes. Basically the guy that got hit was an idiot trying to get a piece of the action.

  • r/gifsthatendtoosoon

  • Bye bye pelvis

  • Well that’s an interesting way to commit suicide

  • He’s not trying to stop it, its a sideshow esq move you try and dodge the car whippin donuts.

  • Wouldve used my car to stop him, he’d have to pay the insurance as well, double win

  • I don’t get why everyone in the comments is shitting on the guy who got hit instead of the piece of shit who was blocking the road with his bullshit redneck stunts. yeah it was not a great idea to walk towards the other car, but what was that guy supposed to do risk his car getting hit trying to make it through, call the cops for this?.

  • Red car still at fault. Recklessness.

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