Trump to reverse Obama-era order aimed at planning for climate change. “This is just another example of this administration trying...

Trump to reverse Obama-era order aimed at planning for climate change. “This is just another example of this administration trying to undo everything the Obama administration did, whether it makes any sense or not,” said William Robert Irvin, president of American Rivers

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  • It does make sense because this Presidency is about revenge for being laughed at the 2011 White House Correspondence Dinner.

  • Someone remind Donny that Obama made it a point to never resign his presidency. Maybe he will do the same opposite attack?

  • I’ve always wished Obama had come out publicly, if not officially, with a firm stance against drinking straight bleach.

  • And it’s done:

    It’s interesting here in that the climate change deniers’ stance has morphed over the years from “it’s not happening” to “sure it’s happening, and man’s role is part of the issue…but since we can’t tell exactly how much of the impact is anthropogenic in nature we shouldn’t be too hasty to actually make any changes to hire we go about our lives”. Paraphrased from our current EPA administrator.

    Now, the repeal of this Obama era order to consider sea level rise in the planning phase of major transportation, water and infrastructure projects flies in the face of this current stance and gotta back to the mind set that there’s no need to worry.

    But let’s put ” climate change” as a now often used and unfortunately politicised term aside for a moment. Using a lens that is purely, and probably harshly economic in nature, in the aftermath of major storms that cost billions of dollars (Sandy at $65B, and Katrina at $150B), it doesn’t make sense on a national scale to ignore the fact that huge costs can be avoided if we plan for sea level rise.

  • > Speaking in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York, Trump said that the approval process for projects was “badly broken” and that the nation’s infrastructure was a “massive self-inflicted wound on our country.

    I have yet to meet any politician or someone in “higher” power who is against that. Seems like everyone agrees on this.

    Also, this is what is being reversed:

    > The White House confirmed that the order issued Tuesday would revoke an earlier executive order by former President Barack Obama that required recipients of federal funds to strongly consider risk-management standards when building in flood zones, including measures such as elevating structures from the reach of rising water. Obama’s Federal Flood Risk Management Standard, established in 2015, sought to mitigate the risk of flood damage charged to taxpayers when property owners file costly claims.

  • That next president better learn how to repeatedly ctrl-z real fast.

  • Wow some of the pure, brazen ignorance shown by climate change deniers in this thread is making me despair for the future.

    EDIT: blazen to brazen, threat to thread, added comma *[I hate typing on a mobile]

  • i can saw now with a lot of certainty that the only reason he is reversing this shit is because a black man came up with it.

  • Guys I think this Trump person might not be a very good guy

  • Is there a list of everything Trump undid?

  • The science is there. It is undeniable. The administration is **deliberately** making decisions to harm *everybody*, affecting people internationally.

    I’m sure if nearly any country forcibly dumped harmful solid or liquid substances into another country’s farming land or water supply, it could damn well be something worth going to war over. The USA should not get a pass on this behaviour for essentially doing the same thing to *every* country on the planet, only in gaseous form.

    **This should be considered a crime against humanity, with the harshest of penalties imposed.** Many other countries are no less guilty; Australia – for one – seem right keen on trying to screw everyone over in the same way.

  • God I hope that this fat stupid fuck ends up in prison.

    Fuck you trump. You’re a genuine idiot.

  • “Drain the swamp” to only find the Donald and his cronies. What a joke.

  • This man is a threat to the human race.

  • Shouldn’t come as much as a surprise, even if Trump does acknowledge climate change privately he won’t be around decades from now when the worst effects are being felt. He cares only about how his job/economic numbers look in a history book. Even if those jobs he “creates” by rolling back regulations are replaced in a few years by automation. Or the wealth he “creates” shows up only in the stock market.

  • Trump might be the biggest cuck of them all

  • Ill raise a glass when this unhuman monster is in the grave. Hell ill probably make a trip to spit on his grave.

  • Please, please don’t undo the law about texting while driving.

  • Not sure people understand: it’s not that he only wants to undo Obama orders – it’s all he can do. Executive orders are not laws. Trump can’t build a consensus/coalition behind any of his ideas. A president’s executive order can be undone by the next president with the stroke of a pen. So literally, the only thing that Trump can do is overturn executive orders.

  • It’s more like he is trying to reverse all progress the United States has made in the past 50 years. 🙁

  • Trump is such a bitter coward, christ.

  • Obama’s Legacy: President Donald Trump.

  • The only way this makes sense is if you imagine the current cabinet literally as top-hat wearing, moustache-twirling cartoon villains that wring their hands and go “Njey, Njey” a lot.

  • One example on top of the plenty that shows electing trump may end the World

  • Fiscal conservatives and Democrats in Congress should easily be able to rectify this. It’s a no brainier that commercial and residential construction should be built to minimize flood impacts where necessary, and it’s the only way to decrease the cost of the federal flood insurance program. Put the cost on the final buyers; don’t subsidize their cost twice. I’m sure that won’t happen though.

  • If the next president gets in is he able to unplug America and plug it back in to reset it or are they stuck with Trumps actions for a bit.

  • This is why we can’t rely on executive orders as faux-lawmaking. The next guy can just come in and reverse it. We need Congress to do their jobs and make laws the way they’re supposed to be made so they actually stick.

  • I’m glad that after all this white nationalist business Trump was able to quickly get back to the real task at hand: destroying the environment out of sheer spite.

  • It makes me so fruggin sad that my great nieces and nephews will grow up and the local waterways will look like they did in the 70s. Trash, actual human stool, remnants of feminine products, trash, and absolutely no life. Places we partied at in high school are now clean enough to paddle the waters and most important. There is life. Otters, duckies (baby ducks are like on crack), beavers, barred owls, bald eagles. All kinds of birds idk the name of.

    The Trump administration is setting our country up to be uninhabitable.

  • This is one reason why a lot of his supporters voted for him, they wanted every positive thing about Obama’s presidency gone, no matter what it is, they just want it erased.

  • In a similar vindictive move, [Amazon’s stock price dropped today after Trump’s tweet bashing the company](, amounting to a loss of $5 billion in market cap. Guess who owns the Washington Post?

  • See lol 😂 Someone actually thinks he inherited a thriving economy…proof that you live in an alternate reality inside your head.

    The DNC is a direct example about how dems view money spending . Which is why all the DEM city’s have so much debt .

    Which is why this country is doing better with another person in charge that understands economics . Raganomics …
    strap in going to be a long 8 years of education.

  • Obama is guilty of nothing but presidenting while black. Trump is clearly a savage racist.

  • What a waste of time. “I don’t like this mane before me. Lets just put everything back the way it was and hope for the best”

  • Impeach Drumpf right now.

  • Eventually he’ll undo the economy that Obama left him.

  • What an embarrassment. Sad.

  • Another political sub appearing out of nowhere on my feed to ban.

  • “We just can’t let a black guy be in charge” Trump probably

  • Trump doesn’t have any feelings toward Obama as a president. He’s doing all of this because he doesn’t like Obama on a personal level. He’s just being petty. He loathes Obama and everything about him so he’s going to dismantle everything he’s done come he’ll or high water.

  • If you actually cared about climate change you would go vegan.

  • Oh, look! Yet another political subreddit to filter!

  • Science says there are 2 genders!

  • Definitely scientists and science defenders should resist Trump’s anti-science agenda, but are we really talking about literally marching again?

    Here’s the thing: We don’t *just* need to protect the conservation laws of the past eight years; we need to actually pass laws that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. [In the absence of major efforts to reduce emissions, we’re heading towards 6 ºC of warming]( And the thing is, [protests are not effective at passing environmental legislation; **lobbying** is](^§

    I sincerely hope the climate movement adapts to the evidence on tactic efficacy. We don’t have much time to lose.

    § If you want to lobby congress, free training is available at

  • All he can do is sign piddly shit executive orders, which aren’t legislation. He’s failed miserably on every other front, so executive orders will have to do.

    Whip out that pen, big boy. Show ’em who’s boss!

  • March for HomeEc

  • I wonder what Obama is doing with all this news…

  • Another sub for SJWs to eat each others loads in

  • Good for Trump.

  • Says as if that was a bad thing

  • He is willing to destroy his country because of his ego. This has to be the pettiest thing I’ve ever seen a grown man do.

  • I wouldn’t say this is in the vein of undoing it just because Obama did I would figure it’s because Trump genuinely doesn’t believe in climate change.

  • This man is a joke! His best idea(s) is to tear apart what others have achieved and to belittle others that disagree with him? He’s a little orange toddlerin a suit with a Twitter account.

  • This is exactly why we put him in office!

    Trump is handling all this better than anyone!

    If Barrack Hussein ordered it, then im in favor of getting rid of it. Damn Communist Kenyans shouldnt make ANY laws for us!


    TRUMP 2020 Train is picking up speed ladies and gents!

  • Good. We finally have a pro-science president who relies on real facts and not narrative-driven nonsense riddled with scandals and people being caught adjusting historical data upward like Australia and NOAA have been caught doing. Finally someone is standing up for REAL climate science. If you like science, you should be proud of Trump.

  • Well he and all his Nazi buddies should just shut the fuck up.

  • I’m sure I’ll get down voted but this is what happens when you try and bypass congress to rule by executive order.

  • Trump just needs 8 more years of war, a few more race riots, thousands of bombs on dozens of countries and he’s on his way to a nobel peace prize like obama!! Bernie still has a chance

  • Anything to reverse Obamadoctrine is a Bigly Win in my book. Erase the mongol’s history!

  • While they politicize this climate issue, I think the underlying problem gets ignored and that is the human population is too high. What can be done about it? Not sure… but I don’t think anyone can say they are “saving the planet” with our head stuck up our ass.

    It would be nice to have some diversity in thought to the environmental movement but politics has got a hold of it and I fear we will seldom get out of that controlled narrative.

  • Lol all the liberals who didn’t read the article saying Trump is destroying the planet. Read the article. It’s about taking out a regulation for new buildings to go through flood prevention. Lolololol the world won’t end.

  • What *is* climate change? The world-wide temperatures have been steady or down for the last 20 years while CO2 has been increasing…Maybe there is no *proven* link between CO2 and temperature?

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