Trump supporters

Trump supporters

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  • Lame, lazy, and over done

  • Everyone acts so stupid nowadays. Im 13, and technically have no right to have a political view. But people should just learn how to agree to disagree. Just because someones else has a different political standpoint doesn’t make the world end. Different political viewing candidates have been a part of our democracy for near 200 years now people.

  • God damn, get over it already. Let’s start working together instead of tearing each other down and maybe we’ll actually make things better. Besides, there’s always boobs.

  • Lol eggs dee ebic maymay

  • Then that makes the dems a bunch of crying losers. As a Democrat, I’m completely embarrassed by this party. Time to fix our own shit before calling everyone else a dumb racist. We won’t win the next election that way

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