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  • This is one of the most low effort posts ive seen on here in a while, even the title is lazy, good job

  • This repost is so fucking old, it uses last gen controllers

  • R/comedycemetery

  • This is the video game equivalent to minion memes

  • Especially on R6: Seige

  • Just in case someone had not heard.

    This whole violent video games beget violet children was based off a psychological experiment which was horribly done. They basically tested aggression levels after playing violent vs non violent games. But these games were nothing alike, all the peaceful games were not competitive or fast paced.

    So some other group of people decided to fix this fundamental flaw in experiment design and redo it. This time the games are separated into competive vs non competitive. With sub categories like violent competive Vs nonviolent competive etc.

    Turns out competition causes violence from video games. Who would have guessed?!

  • facebook tier

  • Cringe

  • Not sure what controllers have literally anything to do with lag. Input lag, yes, potentially, but more likely it’s the receiver’s fault and not the controller. Have an upvote anyway.

  • You speak the true true

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