Tried to do one of those things where it looks like the phone is floating in the selfie.. I sort...

Tried to do one of those things where it looks like the phone is floating in the selfie.. I sort of got it?

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  • Did you shake the room while holding the phone steady?

  • VERY fast phone falling at incredible hihg speed

  • *Record scratch and stops*

    iPhone: Yep, that’s me. You’re wondering how I got here…

  • My best guess – timer on the camera, trigger the countdown, and then drop it when only about 1 second left. Really cool effect tho.

  • Again What’s up with the notifications Reddit ??

  • That’s an odd looking TARDIS.

  • Why do I sympathise with the phone

  • What is this “thing”?

  • Wha???

  • Don’t ask that iPhone on a date. It’s focusing on itself right now.

  • I mean, you’re in the picture

  • Come on TARS!!

  • You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’s selfie!

  • Is this another one of those 4chan baits to try and make dumb people drop their phone?

  • Don’t do that.

  • My God, it’s full of stars!

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    – [/r/karmaconspiracy] [Redditor builds a very messed up and blurry bathroom then takes a picture of it. He photoshopped his phone in to make it seem legit.](

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  • I have the same phone and same case. We are brothers

  • Real talk though, that Tech 21 case is the best case I’ve ever owned.

  • “My time to shine” – iPhone

  • Phone has enough abuse and distorts reality to punish user.

  • I have those same towels.

  • [my dad did this accidentally](

  • It looks like the mr krabs meme

  • This is the first I’ve heard of this and I’m a pro on the internet

  • *yeah that’s me, the phone. You might be wondering how o got here, well it’s a long story.

  • *freeze frame*
    “This is me, you’re probably wondering how I got here”

  • Damn you Reddit notifications.

  • what

  • What’s the honesty parameter on it?

  • It’s haunted.

  • Did you do this in a mirror? This is what I’d call a reverse panning shot.

  • I have that phone case.


  • What things

  • You waved the phone and somehow it didn’t become blurred…..
    Very I^n^t^e^r^e^s^t^i^n^g

  • Actually looks like your phone is Adam West era Batman and we are going to a scene in the Batcave.

  • Do you need a really fast shutter speed for this?

  • The phone is eternal and constant, as the world is sucked into the abyss

  • Did your phone shatter at all?!

  • *Transcendental Phone*

  • How’d you do that?

  • Wait, what were you trying to do?

  • That’s a thing? Taking a picture but it looks like your phone is floating while you take it? I don’t even really understand what the thing you’re trying to reference, and I’m relatively young but I’m starting to feel old missing these weird trends.

  • Timer with goat case, cmon guys

  • Wait what is this supposed to be..?

  • Looks like one of those Mr. Krabs memes.

  • Tried it, dropped my phone. That’s enough of that.

  • Brb

  • What the… how di… I gotta go lie down.

  • It looks like the camera is consuming your soul.

  • r/me_irl

  • why is the bathroom like the best place for pictures

  • Your phone is charging to go super saiyan

  • We got the same phone case

  • You made it look like your phone is the epicenter of a black hole.

  • How the hell…?

  • Pho-to-shop

  • *photoshops iPhone into picture*

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