Tried hooking up a friend of mine. Lesson learned.

Tried hooking up a friend of mine. Lesson learned.

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  • This kid has the wrong idea of what ‘doggy-style’ is.

  • Okay, it’s already weird and inappropriate to refer to a human woman as “fixed” for having her tubes tied. She isn’t a dog.

    But the fact it’s apparently a weird requirement? Is birth control not enough or does someone actually have to alter their body?

  • I can promise you he was not joking. He proceeded to call me “too judgmental” and that I needed to give him an answer. When I told him she was no longer interested and that I didn’t think we should talk anymore he proceeded to to call me names and call me a man hater and tell me that he is a great man and I am just ungrateful and she or me would be so lucky to end up with someone like him. I had to change my number.

  • Lol a great reply is to ask him if he’s fixed. If he doesn’t want to become a parent he should use condoms or get the snip, it doesn’t all fall on the woman.

  • Man, I’m a childfree woman and this is such a *bad* way of asking about it. She’s not an animal, and that’s something you should bring up on your first or second date to see if you are compatible as a couple. And not “Are you fixed?” but “Do you see yourself having kids some day?” Jesus.

  • I was floored. Who even asks a question like that?! And I agree the terminology is all wrong and terrible and offensive.

  • Did he try to redeem himself afterwards?

  • I’m just curious how this person is your friend in the first place.

  • I often tell people I’m fixed but mostly as a joke. No one has every described it that way unless I’m talking about a dog/cat.

  • Guys, I think we found him…

    It’s the author of “Does Bruno Mars is Gay?”.

  • Story time: worked in a building with a little snack bar on the first floor. 1980s, southern US. The woman (Sue Ann) who ran the little place was nice as could be, and as you might expect, of a fairly low socioeconomic status. (White, too, if that matters).

    One day, a pregnant coworker (we’ll call her Louanne) visited for her mid
    Morning snack and got to talking about babies with Sue Ann, who eventually asks Louanne ‘do you think gettin yer tubes tied would be a good 19th birthday present? My daughter has three babies from different daddies.’

    After recovering her composure, Louanne’s response was ‘yes, I think that would be a very good idea’

  • This guy is bringing nothing to the table. ABORT

  • “are your balls intact? She will only date guys who have had at least one testicle removed”

  • has she stds

  • Is she even neutered?

  • Almost sounds like something a virgin or neckbeard/basement dweller would say after googling “how not to get pregnant without using a condom or pulling out”.

  • I’m just as appalled by his shitty grammar.

  • Damn that dude even used the weirdest terminology. Asking that question is pretty dumb, but wording it like that is pure retardation.

  • “Fixed tubes”? What does that mean?

  • Is he saying that preventing her from getting pregnant is “fixing” her???

    Edit: I’m really confused why I’m getting downvoted…someone explain maybe?

  • Why even talk to a person like this? Why even know someone like this. .damn I need to go give all my friends a hug

  • I love how he uses “fixed” like she’s a goddamn animal

  • I don’t even know what that means. I think I know, and I’m gonna guess it has to do with those fallopian tubes or something that females have. Is tying them stopping eggs or something, like birth control?

    Regardless, I wouldn’t think asking women about their tubes is a great way to hook up. Kind of creepy

    EDIT: I was right! So now that I know for sure…..

    Why the fuck would you ask that?

  • I’m confused, is “she” the OP?

  • What does he mean with the tube tied thing ?

  • Should’ve replied “yes, but what does my cat Princess Banana-hammock have to do with anything?”

    Edit – seriously though I thought this was quite rare (like female circumcision but not as fucking terrible) and would never expect to even come across a person who’d had it done.

  • I mean this person is your “friend” you didn’t know they were an asshole?

  • Like what was he *thinking* to ask your friend if she was fixed??? I hope you didn’t introduce your friend to him.

  • I mean, I’d ask that to the person directly, because sterility is a prerequisite to any sort of relationship for me, but still…

  • Someone with a kid…

  • I do think it’s good that he asked you and not your friend after an introduction.. that would’ve been really bad for everyone and might’ve hurt your relationship with said female friend

  • Is his name (Let me guess)? Dennis Reynolds.

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  • r/childfree

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  • I’m fixed up with these groovy kicks that I just got off Amazon, got up free with my prime membership. That’s right, I said groovy. Maybe if this person included the word “groovy” into his daily dictionary, he would not be so creepy anymore and be one groovy laid back chill dude.

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