Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell warns of possible bipartisanship on health care

Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell warns of possible bipartisanship on health care

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  • Mitch McConnell is a big reason i will never again consider myself republican

  • This is the onioniest nottheonion headlines I’ve seen on this sub in a while, on a serious news story from a legitimate organization. Well done.

    Mitch’ll do that. ‘member when [Mitch McConnell filibustered his own bill](

  • Good heavens we cant have that can we?

    God forbid they get something done.

  • Holy hell, that’s not a warning that’s your actual job and one that you should have been doing for the past god damn decade.

  • It’s a dark day when compromise to build a better law that affects all Americans and a fifth of the economy rears its ugly head.

    Don’t worry though, they’ll compromise just enough to get the 50 votes and Pence will break the tie. It’ll still be a piece of shit that will kill your grandma.

  • I think another large story here, besides the obvious fact that McConnell views healthcare as a partisan game, is that he has repeatedly said that Democrats don’t want to work together to fix healthcare. I mean seriously look at these fucking statements that are quoted in this article:

    > “We’re in the process of working together to get to at least 50 Republicans, because no Democrats are interested in participating to change the status quo, which is completely unacceptable.”


    > “The Democrats are not interested in fixing this problem. They’ve made it — they’ve made it very, very clear — they have no interest whatsoever in fixing the status quo.”


    > “Unfortunately, it will have to be a Republicans-only exercise. But we’re working hard to get there.”


    > [Democrats] made it clear earlier they were not interested in participating in this. They have no interest in it whatsoever,” he said on th. “We know they don’t want to participate in what we’re trying to achieve, which is to change Obamacare and make it better.”


    > “[Democrats are] not interested in participating in this.”

    Does he not realize that the entire platform of the Democratic party during the Presidential Election regarding healthcare was to “change Obamacare and make it better”? He’s just flat out lying in these statements in order to justify excluding Democrats in the Senate’s healthcare bill.

    So please, go fuck yourself Mitch McConnell.

  • ACA was bipartisan. It was a Republican idea that a neoliberal gave to them. Now they just want the whole fucking cake when we should be going for single payer. Fuck these guys.

  • No shit?

    Somehow, the “Let’s fuck EVERYONE and randomly kill off their families and give the 1% an enormous tax break with the proceeds!” bill isn’t very popular?

  • Ever since the last election, pretty much all political news coming from the US could belong in the /r/nottheonion. Not sure if that is funny or sad.

  • When a politician warns of bipartisanship you know that they are not there for the people.

  • See you in Hell Mitch McConnell

  • Yeah, well, ol’ Mitch “I totally stole a Supreme Court nomination” McConnell is going to find that he doesn’t have a great many friends on the left side of the aisle either.

  • So are the people from his state who vote for him (Kentucky?) just legitimately bad people? Or just that ignorant? How could a piece of shit like that stay in any job, much less public office?

  • How can people be so obtuse as to think working with someone with opposing views is such a bad thing? I mostly lean left, but I understand congressmen from both sides ultimately want to improve the country, and there’s a reason the legislative process is difficult – it’s supposed to bring about consensus.

    I just don’t get why Republicans are so hell bent on pissing off half of the country. They would help their party a lot if they tried to do something a little less divisive, putting their members in more comfortable positions to be voting, especially when it comes to legislation that affects 1/5 of our economy. But no, I guess democrats = pure evil

  • Mitch McConnell. The guy who got all Senate and congressional republicans together after Obama was elected and stated that the goal of the Republican half of the legislative branch was to “deny this president everything”. It was a platform if obstruction based solely on partisan politics with no desore to actually lead.

    For the last 8 years he has literally done nothing that wasn’t strictly partisan. He has mistaken complaining and obstructing for leadership. Now that he has the chance to be a leader he has no idea what the hell to do. And has settled for blaming a neutered and fractured democratic party for the failings of his own party.


    the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government are all controlled by republicans. You’re failure to accomplish anything cannot be blamed on a lack of support for democrats. The failure is entirely the fault of republicans and their belief that complaining and obstructing is equivalent to actually governing.

    A month python fan.

  • In other news, water is wet and puppies are cute. Stay tuned to see if the sun will set tonight.

  • “Warns”? Like it’s a bad thing?

  • Warning of bipartisanship…

  • Oh no! God forbid the legislators compromise on something. This is the end of the republic.

  • this is a dog-whistle for McConnell to tell Republican tribalists to get on board with their healthcare bill, their personal well-being be damned. Because, you know, the other guys. Can’t say it hasn’t worked so far.

  • Is there a way to get rid of him? Like get him out of office? I just feel like he is in someone’s pocket… I don’t see how he helps anything at this point…

  • I’m not sure what this is about but if he ever ‘warns’ about anything, I’m going to assume it’s actually good for the government and I should support it.

  • The Republican party is broken – there are groups within the party that will never come into agreement with other groups within the party.

    But if McConnell is going to use the same strategy to try attracting Dem votes as he’s been doing for the stray Repub votes (bribes), it might work if enough incentive is brought into play.

  • Fucking shocking

  • Fuckem

  • Mitch McConnell is the poster boy for corrupt politicians and everything that is wrong with the US Government. The guy is so crooked and corrupt that I’m honestly surprised he isn’t rotting away in federal prison.

  • People say that Mitch looks like a turtle; I think he looks like an alien wearing a rubber human face mask.

  • An absolute Einstein. I hope the keep re-electing this sandy hand job for 10 years after he’s dead.

  • “Warns” of bipartisanship? Since when was that a bad thing?

    Oh right, when stereotypical Democrats and stereotypical Republicans all of a sudden thought the other side was made of idiots who don’t know what America’s really about and can’t seem to let an opportunity to brag about the faults of the other party whenever they can, especially on Facebook.

  • I can’t wait for him to die

  • Bipartisanship, huh? By that does he mean the very thing that brought us the ACA?

  • McConnell isn’t serious when he says this, though. This is like telling your 3 year old that if they don’t eat their vegetables that the scary monster that lives in their closet is going to creep out and night and get them. He’s just trying to threaten his party into doing what he wants, even though he knows that working with the Democrats on anything, particularly on fixing Obamacare, will make him as an “enemy collaborator” and be career suicide.

    I can guarantee you that if the senate version of this bill doesn’t pass that he will not reach out to Democrats, because that would end up making the resulting legislation even less palatable to the Republican party as a whole.

  • Does a bill only need more votes than opposing for both House and Senate to pass, here?

  • Asshole rigs game for rich. Poor people too stupid to not vote for him.

  • The obvious answer here is to give up on their fantasy of repealing the ACA and getting with the Dems to help fix what needs to be fixed.

    Healthcare should never be a one sided thing.

  • in episode 3 of The Office, Michael has to give everyone a crappy new health plan. He then tells everyone he has a big surprise for them at the end of he day. I thought “God, Trump just did this!” Episode 4 starts with Michael doing a Donald Trump impression. Its a little freaky.

  • Ofcourse democrats and republicans have to agree on the healthcare. You cant change it every 4 years

  • Mitch can go fuck himself. How can there possibly be bipartisanship when their entire platform is to remove funding by cutting taxes for the extremely wealthy and not one tiny action to actually improve the ACA in any possible way.
    Single payer **health insurance** is really the only possible option. Hold firm Democrats – this is your moment to grow a pair and represent the entire nation’s best interests.

  • There is no god.

    If there was this fuck would have gotten ball cancer already.

  • That story is what I believe in.

  • No really! I am shocked.

  • lol good to see the utterly spineless and pathetic democrats standing up to eight years of republican obstruction by holding out a few days before rolling over and taking it right up their stupid asses

    fuck lol

  • can this rat fuck just age to death already?

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