Today is my grandparents’ 57th anniversary (1960)

Today is my grandparents’ 57th anniversary (1960)

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  • They met when my grandpa was driving around town with his friends and stopped at a light beside my nana, who was riding with her parents. Her dad happened to stop at a gas station where the cashier was a friend of my grandpa’s. The cashier gave him the name off the credit card that was used to pay for their gas, and my grandpa found their number in the phone book.

    When he called her from a pay phone, he didn’t even know her name. He simply asked for “the young Miss Lastname.”

  • Bold move. It’s awesome when you realize and are aware of those key moments that if it weren’t for that, either you or somebody important in your life wouldn’t exist.
    Congratulations to your grandparents 😉

  • Beautiful couple! Your grandpa actually reminds me a little of George W Bush.

  • unibrow

  • Happiest Anniversary to your grandparents.
    They are just looking fab in this picture.

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