TIL When Simon and Garfunkel were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Art Garfunkel thanked Paul Simon...

TIL When Simon and Garfunkel were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Art Garfunkel thanked Paul Simon for enriching his life and Simon said, “Arthur and I agree about almost nothing. But it’s true, I have enriched his life quite a bit.” After three songs, the duo left without speaking.

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  • In all accounts of the troubles the two have had over the years, Simon always seems to come across as a bit of a dink.

  • Lots of comments here talk about Paul being the difficult one. I think they are both difficult people and worse when around each other.

    [Read this interview with Garfunkel and see what you think.](http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/rockandpopmusic/11626027/art-garfunkel-interview-paul-simon.html)

  • I always found it hilarious that Beavis and Butthead called him “that dude from Africa who used to be in The Beatles”

  • I lost most respect for Paul many years ago when he did an early David Letterman interview, and Dave was being his usual chatty self. Which included sometimes talking over his interviewee to move the story along. But with his waifish Midwest charm.

    Paul was yakking up some miserably long tale, and Dave broke in with a comment. Paul looked at him like Dave had a cat turd on his nose and said icily, “you gonna let me tell my story my way, or what?!” Dave sheepishly said he was sorry, Paul prattled on, then the break came up. On return Paul had left. Dave said nothing about it, just calling his next guest. I thought then “gawd, Paul Simon’s a real asshole!” Rarely listen to his stuff even now.

  • Fascinating how humans can create such incredible, moving, touching art and then be assholes in person.

  • I wish they had that kind of jokey relationship but Paul was just very often a dickface.

  • Yea, I’ve heard Paul Simon is a dick

  • Simon can think whatever he wants about Garfunkel, but for me their stuff together blows away anything Simon did solo.

  • Art has given some back, subtly.

    On an Art Garfunkel solo album, he sings “Homeward Bound”, which was written by Paul Simon (and they recorded together).
    But the reflective lyrics have been changed slightly …

    *Tonight I’ll sing* **his** *songs again
    I’ll play the game and pretend.
    But all* **his** *words come back to me
    in shades of mediocrity
    Like emptiness in harmony*

    Subtle, but pointed.

  • This is not uncommon. Police > Sting as one example.

  • It’s okay to think you’re better than other people. You’re probably right. It’s not okay to act like you don’t need other people, no matter how much better you think you are.

    There are no self-made men.

  • What a fucking dickhead.

  • [Listen to thirty seconds or so of Art Garfunkel talking to the sound engineers during a recording session](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkNSjyTCovM) and you may understand one of the reasons that Simon began to find it tiresome to record with and work with Garfunkel.

    Garfunkel had an incredible voice. Paul Simon is a great singer-songwriter. Each has displayed annoying personality traits.

  • I think it still bothers Paul Simon that their best and most famous song (Bridge Over Troubled Waters) was sung entirely by Art Garfunkel.

  • Always interesting reading about entertainers who are known to dislike each other, but still have to put on a convincing performance.

  • This is a powerful song about their friendship ending:

  • I worked with Garfunkel once. I was pretty nervous because the people who worked with him said he was a complete asshole. He was very nice to me though. I suspect that had I worked with him long enough to have made a mistake or anything like that I would have seen his dark side like the people who warned me about him. He was kind of known for quickly firing people for making any mistakes.

  • You can call me Ass.

  • Everyone here is saying how much of an asshole Paul Simon is, but next time a post about him gets made, anyone who says he’s a dick will be torn apart. Always happens when something like this gets posted.

  • There is no inherent correlation between artistic skill and social graces. We never want to hear this about our heroes and idols, but it is most definitely true.

  • Well that’s a dick move. I hope Garfunkel’s satisfied that he said what he wanted to say, and doesn’t give a shit about the lack of recognition from Paul Simon.

  • As much as I admire Simon’s music it’s clear that he is an asshole.

  • Paul sounds like an asshole

  • So long, Frank Lloyd Wright…

  • TIL Paul Simon is a dick.

  • Simon sounds petty and Garfunkel sounds like a class act. But they sounded best together.

  • That’s a perfect distillation of what’s wrong with Paul Simon. The world is here for him to use, or judge, or ignore, and that’s it.

    Fuck him and [his “apolitical” greed.](https://mcm601.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/graceland-appropriation-or-appreciation/) I remain [among the believers.](http://africanactivist.msu.edu/organization.php?name=Artists+United+Against+Apartheid)

  • Years ago Paul Simon was a guest on the Muppet Show, and he seemed unhappy or angry or something the whole time. How could you not have fun with Kermit and Miss Piggy?

  • Simon says “I’m a narcissistic asshole”

  • I’ve always hated the jumped up opinionated little shit.

  • I’ve always had a lot more time for Garfunkel, his voice, demeanour, just generally he comes across as a much better person. I can’t knock Simon’s talent, and when the two of them come together it’s something completely amazing, however i never “got” his solo performances. That and, as they say, he’s a little bit of a dick.

  • I feel like if John Lennon was still alive he and McCartney would be doing the same thing.

  • Well, he’s always been the smaller of the two, literally and figuratively.

  • I might be too late the party here. But if Paul Simon hated Art Garfunkel so passionately why were they ever a duo? Why didn’t Simon just go solo right away?

  • [deleted]

  • Paul Simon is probably a huge jerk. I prefer Art Garfunkel’s solo albums.

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