• The man Michael Scott wanted to be

  • > The Tangelo Park Program, started in 1993, gives every neighborhood child age 2 to 4 access to free preschool. Parents have access to parenting classes, vocational courses and technical training. For a program that took just one hour and four people to develop, the impact has been wide and deep. Tangelo Park Elementary is now a grade-A school. Every high school senior graduates.

    A spark of change can create a wildfire of positive effects.

  • I’ve always thought that if we cut half the budget for prisons and institutions and gave it to day care and education, we wouldn’t need the budget for prisons and institutions. So reading something like this pleases me.

  • I just want a whole lot of money so I can do amazing shit like this

  • *Every Tangelo Park high school graduate who is accepted to a Florida public university, community or state college, or vocational school receives a full Harris Rosen Foundation scholarship, which covers tuition, living and educational expenses through graduation.*

    *Nearly 200 students have earned Rosen scholarships, and of those, 75 percent have graduated from college—the highest rate among an ethnic group in the nation.*

  • >“When people have the resources to go and succeed, there’s a ripple effect,” [a scholarship recipient] says. “It becomes generational. No one in my family ever went to college before, but now, my baby sister can’t even picture a life without college. My mother even went back and got her degree. I showed her that she could do it.”

    Success begets success as they say. Everyone needs a solid foundation to get started.

  • Anyone ever see Scott’s Tots?

  • Harris Rosen decided he could never be the “company man” that Mouse Central expected so he struck out on his own. He started a college for hospitality management that became the largest one of its kind in the United States. The Tangelo Park neighborhood mentioned in the title offers free preschool, parenting classes, vocational classes and training. He bought up properties, renovated them, employed hundreds over the years and completely renewed this area. His vision and energy helped catalyze the individuals, families and the entire community. What this one man does for his community is awe inspiring.

  • Watcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do make our dreams come true.

  • Imagine what the world could be if wealth was distributed this way, education and care for the youth. Allow parents to work without being financially burdened and invest in higher education. This is how the world could be fixed.

  • I find this hilarious because a new Republican slogan lately, no joke, is literally that we are putting ‘too much money into education which is causing it to be worse’. There really isn’t any better way to show how much of a big business shill their party is.

  • There are only 25 seniors in the high school to begin with.

    “Last week [in 2015], 20 of Tangelo Park’s 25 seniors graduated from high school with Rosen scholarships in hand. Since 1994, Mr. Rosen has distributed nearly 450 scholarships.”

    Basically, 20-ish / year.

    He invested $11M in the first 21 years, so call it $500,000/year.

    Twenty-one years later, with an infusion of $11 million of Mr. Rosen’s money so far, Tangelo Park is a striking success story. Nearly all its seniors graduate from high school, and most go on to college on full scholarships Mr. Rosen has financed.


    If you invest $500,000/year to help 20 seniors, you can do some great things, sure.

  • Maybe “company men” aren’t the heroes we need right now.

  • “Company man” aka didn’t kiss enough ass to throw money in the right pockets.

    At least in my experiences.

  • >He did this after being fired from Walt Disney World

    I’m confused. What does this have to do with his donation?

  • Proof that taking care of your community and treating people with kindness always goes a long way. Sounds so simple but clearly some parts of our country haven’t grasped this concept yet.

  • How our budgets should be spent. Not on a fleet of military aircraft worth millions each. How many damned planes do we need? Most of those we fight, comparatively, are using the equivalent of rocks and rocks. 😐

  • People with something to lose don’t commit crimes (usually). People with nothing to lose have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • If Batman did things the smart way…

  • *Could* he be a company man?

  • Rosen’s Tots?

  • The most wholesome move to spite someone ever

  • Hey Mr. Scott whatcha gonna do

  • He’s a real life Michael Scott…kind of…with more follow through.

  • I find it hard to believe a graduation rate could ever be at 100%.

    Edit: For those who are saying the class was small, I also graduated from a class of 27 during college, pass rate was still not 100%. I understand that more ppl who would actually want the education but previously couldn’t afford it would now be able to take it, but 100% success rate is still not believable to me.

  • Sounds like “community man” is a better person than “company man”. Not as good as particle man, of course, but still good.

  • This will probably get buried, but I had the pleasure of knowing two of his younger sons and they are fantastic people. Extremely nice and down to earth. Unfortunately his youngest son was diagnosed with brain cancer recently (maybe the same thing McCain has?) and I think it’s taken it’s toll

  • What? Giving people the means to succeed increases the odds they will do so?

  • This was Michael Scott’s goal too.

  • Great move but correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation. I’d like to know if there were other fundamental aspects changed within the neighborhood that contributed to the reduction in crime.

  • (repost)Portugal made something similar

    – “In the year 2000, **Portugal** had one of the worst drug problems in Europe. One percent of the population was addicted to heroin, which is kind of mind-blowing, and every year, *they tried the American way more and more. They punished people* and stigmatized them and shamed them more, and *every year, the problem got worse.*

    – And one day, the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition got together, and basically said, look, we can’t go on with a country where we’re having ever more people becoming heroin addicts. Let’s set up a panel of scientists and doctors to figure out what would genuinely solve the problem. And they set up a panel led by an amazing man called **Dr. João Goulão**, to look at all this new evidence, and they came back and they said,

    – *”Decriminalize all drugs from cannabis to crack, but”* — and this is the crucial next step — **”take all the money we used to spend on cutting addicts off, on disconnecting them, and spend it instead on reconnecting them with society.”**

    – And that’s not really what we think of as drug treatment in the United States and Britain. So they do residential rehab, they do psychological therapy, that does have some value. But the biggest thing they did was the complete opposite of what we do:

    – a **massive program of job creation for addicts, and microloans for addicts to set up small businesses.** So say you used to be a mechanic. When you’re ready, *they’ll go to a garage, and they’ll say, if you employ this guy for a year, we’ll pay half his wages.* The goal was to make sure that every addict in Portugal had something to get out of bed for in the morning. And when I went and met the addicts in Portugal, what they said is, as *they rediscovered purpose, they rediscovered bonds and relationships with the wider society.*”

    – “It’ll be 15 years this year since that experiment began, and *the results* are in: injecting drug use is down in Portugal, according to the British Journal of Criminology, by 50 percent, five-zero percent. Overdose is massively down, HIV is massively down among addicts. Addiction in every study is significantly down. One of the ways you know it’s worked so well is that almost nobody in Portugal wants to go back to the old system.”

    [Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong
    TEDGlobalLondon Filmed Jun 2015](http://www.ted.com/talks/johann_hari_everything_you_think_you_know_about_addiction_is_wrong/transcript?language=en)

  • Oh no, investing in education really does make a difference. Who knew!?

    We need more people like him in the world. Then maybe you guys in the US didn’t need to spend several billion dollars on your prison system.

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