• Japanese mythology has some of the best beasties.

    My personal favourite is [‘boroboroton’](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boroboroton), a form of Tsukumogami (object spirit).

    If you neglect your futon (sleeping mat), or it reaches 99/100 years of age, it becomes sentient/possessed and roams the house at night looking for people to strangle. Or it might just meet up with other futons and have noisy parties.

  • Aahhh, so *that’s* what a Dragonballz is

  • Kappa

  • “I have not remotely understood one of these Japanese games”

  • Most people have to pay a doctor to do this.

  • My uncle loved playing Kappa with me.

  • They also like cucumbers, and there magical powers come from a plate of water on there head which if spilled causes them to lose their powers.

    And no you can’t have my anal beads kappa. Kappa

  • That’s kind of spoiled the 80s casual clothing aspect of their tracky tops

  • Well, that certainly changes my view of Final Fantasy 6 forever….

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