TIL that in 2012 when Taylor Swift held a public vote for where she would visit and preform a free...

TIL that in 2012 when Taylor Swift held a public vote for where she would visit and preform a free concert 4chan users voted for a childrens school for the deaf and won the vote.

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  • Pretty dumb to have open contests. You open yourself up for all kinds of fun.

  • Yes the school “won” and yes it was because of 4chan *and* reddit.

    No Taylor did not perform there. Instead she dropped the school from the contest; however, the sponsors each donated 10k to the school


  • They tried to send pit bull to Alaska too I think. And Bieber to gitmo or something.

    Edit. Bieber was to go to Best Korea. Not gitmo

  • Did she do it?

  • I also heard that Steve Buscemi was a volunteer firefighter after 9/11

  • 4chan also brought us Hitler did nothing wrong

  • However, the school never told the students and they loved the concert.

  • My friend went to a school for the deaf. He has 60% of his hearing. I would assume a large amount of kids with hearing loss go to schools for the deaf. They still probably still enjoyed the concert

  • It’s a shame she didnt go. Deaf people do enjoy music. They can feel it through vibration, I seen occasionally interpreters for some songs.

    I am profoundly hard of hearing. Basically deaf without my hearing aids. Also frequent a deaf school. I however was not in a deaf school but had a program.

    Actually for really loud concerts I actually take my aids off and its crisp clear.

  • Go Leopards!

  • If you read this sub, you would have learned this a lot earlier in life.

  • I think Taylor should have gone and done a meet and greet. Then still perform at another school. Dunno, open contests are rough on the internet.

  • My guilty pleasure subreddit


  • It’s well documented that Taylor Swift is a /b/tard

  • I believe this is also how Trump won the election.

  • Goddamn that hacker 4chan!

  • 4chan has proven on multiple occasions that if you can think of something just fucked up enough, you can get a bunch of anonymous people to actually get into it. Honestly I’m surprised shilling hasn’t gotten worse than it is. It’s a wonderful hivemind over there.

  • Did she perform?

  • France, Monopoly “My arse” :https://www.amazon.fr/Hasbro-Monopoly-Montcuq/dp/B0017P7VEA

    People were asked to vote for their city to have a special edition.
    So tons have voted for Montcuq (mon cul = my arse).

  • 4chan is a cesspool but this is absolutely hilarious.

  • Remember when Oprah had that competition for a tv show host and they voted in Zach Anner?

  • I always find concerts to be much more enjoyable if they are preformed!

  • It’s funny because a lot of Deaf people still enjoy music.

  • I am so fucki g stupid, I got excited that they won and was weirded out that 4chan did something nice it took me a while to realize its a school for deaf children.

  • 4chan seems like the same group of a thousands of people, who make it their civic duty to change random polls into something funny.

  • This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • She “preformed”. Presumably she had no shape prior to this event?

  • Lol I was there for that

  • I vote she should sing at Venue McVenueface

  • I miss the days when 4chan only messed with votes like these, and not the presidency.

  • I can’t stand this singer.

  • Heheh, I remember being a part of that.

  • Shows what cunts they are, too. Let’s make a joke about her music & exploit deaf kids to do so. Stay classy, 4chan douches.

  • I already knew about this

  • Preform

  • Wouldn’t make much difference, she would still shake her cunt on the stage mostly naked.

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